Wednesday, January 3, 2007


every one have a feeling if he out of her home, human as a civilitation living creature have his own castle by building a house or maybe a few house. animal trace her home by her natural tracer. but the basic different is we appriciate how the people can express the natural living. human right, maybe i can say, there's nothing about the human right as long as the poverty still exist. why? because the rich is always easily pressure the poor. cause the basic mater is always about matter.

habitual timer

Do u believe that human have it's own timer. obviously, for example hungry time, thirsty time, sleepy time, etc. that timer maybe exposure of the unconciuse mind, buat also it's habitual or even a very strongfull desire. i have made my own experiment with atleast 20 of my pals. there's a mp3 player within 1 hours duration list of song. the structure of the song is my pals type, even my pals vote it by hemself. and the experimen begun, i type it. the song that my pals where sleep is muse with unintended. and the next one hour, my pals woke up also at muse unintented. this make me think that habitual and desire make it's own gain and play.

first posting

what the meaning of life, live, and love. no one knows well, neither do i. i always presume that the world in his increasment, always leave a trail that some one could read it. someone called it the history. someone else called it memories. in this night i always know that i life alone, live alone, and loveless. but who want to be alone. no one could be. im prayبسم الله الرحمن الحيم in some day i could find my one love. cheerfull love