Saturday, August 25, 2007

candle on the spotlight

see the candle under the spot light, bright the fire burn his body. what is live exactly? hegemony suck's

Friday, August 3, 2007

Love AcTuaLLy inside ME

what the meaning of love actually, can u describe it? i was fall in love but its only a gift. for the sincere of my pray on that night, even after that moment i cant describe what the meaning of love.
some books have description about love and never lost from the chain of take and give idea. but r love that simple. and abstract feel even i have taste it but cannot describe it. another books says that love is less than a millimeter from deep symphatic.
now, for the second time's i feel a love, but confused in the middle of nowhere r this symphaty or love. she's a bit older, but i think she's are the ideal match for me.
in the middle of confuse i always pray, god give me a vision of ur path so that i can dream about the future full of happines.