Monday, December 14, 2009

Long journey with complete romance

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Insuring Your Life, Insuring Your Family

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Web hosting provides excellent services

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Friday, December 11, 2009

I Wish A Kindle from Santa

Multidimension Travel Blog - 13 days to christmas and don't know what to decide for the present that I will ask from Santa.

and have decided to choose the kindle. but unfortunately the ship not come to Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. so I think Santa and the deer, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen! will fly trough the sky and give me the kindle.. ^^ but the problem is there is no snow in my country.

the fact that I always remember is there always can be miracle in anywhere and every where. including my country even there is no snow ^^. So what is your wish to Santa? hope you have a wish too ^^

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Get 30 EC Instantly with a simple task

Multidimension Travel Blog
Multidimension Travel Blog - hi great news from multidimension Travel blog to entrecard users. now if you comment on this blog you will get 30 EC (Entrecard Credits) for your loyality to comment.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Pushing Me out to change the template

Mutidimension Travel Blog - The Photo Bucket bandwidth limit at last pushing me down to change my Travel Blog template and walla I found out this template and install it.

so this is the new template.. feed back is welcome ^^

Friday, August 21, 2009

about multidimension travel blog

This blog belong to the pandi network blog. for your safe please read our privacy policy first. for your information the above logo is pandi network logo and it will be use in all about page on pandi network blog.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

first winner on clypidus seo contest

Multidimension Travel Blog @ Travail Clypidus Pos - here it is im the first winner on the clypidus seo contes. but don't worry I still continue the Travail Clypidus pos untill all country covered. so keep on eye in my blog ^_^

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

clypidus travel soundtrack video

Multidimension Travel Blog @ Travail Clypidus Pos Soundtrack Video - Hi again for this clypidus I will tell you about the soundtrack. I think for this huge things it really needs a soundtrack still the same with the free MP3 for your summer. this soundtrack song is also made by some one in sansae with the name Taufik A Adam and the soundtrack called Invation.

I choose the spirit bit and hope you like this soundtrack. below is the video soundtrack

Monday, July 27, 2009

clypidus consideration for Green Earth

Multidimension Travel Blog @ Travail Clypidus Pos Consideration - We all know that more than 70% tourism site build on nature and historical site. exploitation of natural resources had make this thing worst. Not only Deforestation, Desertification, Extinction of species, Ozone depletion, but also the extiction of natural culture.

Support For Travel Clypidus

many people thinks that acculturation is something that must be done. if not now, it will some day. ok, ok I know it's a job of government culture department to keep that work and safe. but as a tourist I think more than that. we have to exite them without being distort them. how? just take your self behind the line and see without crossing the line.

then, I will take the Travail Clypidus Pos Jargon like this MAKE THE NATURE AND THE CULTURE AS YOUR BUDDY, feel them without hurt them. the first thing that we must try is to place the garbage and thrash on the right spot. if we done this one we are getting closer to the Green Earth.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Clypidus Pos Singapore

Multidimension Travel Blog @ Travail Clypidus Pos - I'll try to make a packet of travel Clypidus Pos Singapore after made a packet of Travel Clypidus Indonesia, and I sure you all know this is part of Travail Clypidus Pos.

This Clypidus is off talk from the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics that host in Singapore this decision was officially announced in february 21th, 2008 by International Olympics Comittee. but lets enjoy the real Singapore.
Clypidus Pos Singapore
Singapore often called "Lion-City" they have many event that create to welcome the tourist. but, most famous things in Singapore is the sale that can be off up to 70 % price on every goods and offer usually this sale is on Mei to July on all Singapore mall. but common of the tourist will visit the orchard roads or suntec city.

For the art and culture in Singapore you can always visit Fort Canning a site that established in 1859. this venue is popular for the art, culture etc.

this is not all the even on Singapore cause the EO of Singapore Tourism is always have different event to attract the tourist so for the newest event I suggest you to visit the official site of Singapore Tourism.

source article : official site of Singapore Tourism

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wannabe Drop monster on Clypidus event

Multidimension Travel Blog @ Travail Clypidus Pos - if you are wait for the packt of Travail Clypidus Post this post is not one of the packt but only post to tell about my desire .. I wannabe a drop monster.

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I made my account at the earlier when entrecard just still fresh and fortune for me my blog is on the list of powerdropping site. where the 300 lighter blog that follow entrecard is listed. that time many user of entrecard is a drop monster. less sleep, less post, just for dropping and drop by.

and now I will bookmarking all the site that will be drop every day.. hope your blog is on my list ^_^ see ya

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Start, Clypidus here I come

Multidimension Travel Blog @ Travail Clypidus Pos - yesterday when I can't got internet connection. Sure that thing make me hardly to do some research too fulfill the World Travail Clypidus Pos, as you know mostly on this travel blog journey I always write about Indonesian Tourism but now the challenge is coming and had already accept it to finish the clypidus journey.. yeahh I know the clypidus is only a seo contest that held by Andrey.

Now I got my internet back and ready for the research about Clypidus pos Malaysian.. after writing Clypidus Pos Indonesian. Yesterday I follow some quiz about guest who on Andrey blog and yeahh I win a thousand EC .. so I think is a good start for me.. and for you all bloggers, keep on the spirit ^_^

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Clypidus Pos Indonesian

Multidimension Travel Blog @ Travail Clypidus Pos - if you are tend to Indonesia. I'll try to make of a packet in Clypidus Pos Indonesia. part of Travail Clypidus Pos that I talk few days ago.

If you like you can read first the 7 fact about Indonesia you should know .. and after that this is the Travail Clypidus Post .. enjoy it

Bali - Who doesn't know Bali, even Bali more famous than Indoenesia it self. there is two beach and a few island you can visit. Like Sanur Beach one of the most favorite beach in Bali after kuta. Blue water, bright sky, clear sunshine, tropical climate, and beautiful sunset. so cause these beach is favorite beach you don't need to worry about your need as long your money is full. not only the beach you can also enjoy the culture taste if you came at the right time. there is some ritual that Bali Villager do, and it's annually every years. beside the Sanur you can Try Kuta Beach, and also Senggigi Beach on Gili Island not far away from Bali Island.

Jogjakarta - in this city you can visit Borobudur the temple of Budha that build by King Samaratungga and have been one of the 7 world wonder heritages. this city is also called the city of student.

Jakarta - Yeah I know for a capital city, that definitely so noisy, polution, and many building. but if you want.. there is years annual event called Pekan Raya Jakarta that celebrate the birthday of Jakarta City. all batavia culture you can find it in this even, from the food, the goods, and the dance, uhmm.. I think the artist also.

Bandar Lampung - now we go the the Andalas Island. Lampung you can go to the Way Kambas National Park, you can see Krakatau Festival

Palembang - See the bridge in the night i sure you can fallen love with this bridge. it's called Ampera bridge, the bridge that been a witness to dozen historical event in Palembang.

- you can go here to visit Danau Toba. the lake and the culture that inspired. you can also visit brastagi, nice place and cozy but little freezy.

Padang - Anai Valley find more by tracing the route you will find the stream of adrenalin when follow up the road. and don't forget to visit the historical place in this spot. even some of them have been a little messy.

btw, for this Indonesian Clypidus .. I have made it from my old post so if you wanna know more about. try to search it in the search box.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Multidimension Travel Blog @ Travail Clypidus Pos - Before we got into The Travail Clypidus Pos I have made my support banner. waiting for your support. this is what I made for Clypidus Contest :


Support For Travel Clypidus

what you have to do is only copy and paste the code on my side bar to your html/javascript gadget side bar.. and it's all done. waiting for your support ^_^

thanks.. see ya on the next post series of Travel Clypidus

Friday, May 1, 2009

Travail Clypidus Pos one Destination Approach

Travail Clypidus Pos ImageMultidimension Travel Blog - This is the first post of the Travail Clypidus Pos One Destination Approach. that talk about one stop destination in all over the world, so not only in Indonesia but the world travel!. so this Travail Clypidus Pos is taken from three word first is Travail that taken from the anglo-french that mean Travel, Clypidus is taken from the keyword and this keyword I will explain on the second paragraph, Pos from the latin language that mean place. so that sentence come out Travail Clypidus Pos.

Clypidus is one of the SEO contest held by Andrey. one of the Entrecard member. so just have the plan to join and cheers up the contest. you can also join by commenting on his post at Clypidus Seo Contes (Andrey blog).

Before the start there is one word deviation between Clypidus and Lepidus. while Lepidus itself direct to Lepidus son of Marcus Aemilius Lepidus (triumvir) one of the famous Roman Patrician. but that allrights. lets say that Clypidus is Great Myth of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Entrecard ^_^.. thats all for now.. see ya on the next post of Travail Clypidus Pos

Thursday, April 23, 2009

7 facts about Indonesia that you should know

Multidimension Travel Blog - hope this seven (7) facts about Indonesia can help you out when visiting Indonesia. the main hope honestly is for make us comfortable and can enjoy the vacation to Indonesia. so the biggest purpose, gain a relaxation to our soul can be fulfilled.

1. the first facts, is Indonesia have a tropical climate that make Indonesia only have 2 seasons wet season and dry season. so if you come from non tropical climate better watch, and do some adaptation before doing other activity or travel.

2. The second facts, Indonesia have a plural ethnic and if you will or have a travel going to some place. search a travel guide that cover that place or original from the place. you can take more benefit if you do this.

3. The third facts, The common exchange money in Indonesia is rupiah (IDR) so don't forget to convert your money in money changer service at the airport if you don't want to have a difficult.

4. The forth facts, as an archipelago island so Indonesia tourism site is commonly mountain and beach. dont forget to bring your swim suit or you jacket.

5. The fifth facts, as an plural ethnic country, don't forget to see the culture exhibition. as you know Bali is often know by the culture dance beside the beach this also happen in other tourism site in Indonesia.

6. The sixth facts, try to know the norm and the rule about your place that you want to visit, cause you will more welcome by local villagers if you know their rules and norm. try asking it with your travel guide.

7. The Seven facts, don't forget to by the merchandise. find the unique one. cause you would never find it in other place.. cause each place in Indonesia have the different stuff..

yup that is the common fact.. hope you enjoy your visit to Indonesia.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What A Busy day's

Multidimension Travel Blog - Yup I can't remember that I have this blog, so long I'm not updating it. but, it will over and back again to fill and full up this blog with another Amazing Spot of Indonesia and other country.

for all of you forgive me if Im not inform anything and just fly away without contact, and for this blog plz forgive me cause I'm ignored you. hahaha

see ya tomorrow with the news ;)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Legend Of Rinjani Mountain and his Myth

morning at the mountain
Multidimension Travel Blog - This post is specially dedicated to Eber.
Long long ago not far from the Lembar harbour, there is a Taun Kingdom and ruled by a King, Datu Taun and his beautiful queen Dewi Mas.

The Kingdom is peaceful, safe, and rich. even the kingdom never have a trouble, King Taun is always sad, this because he is not having a child yet, the time went and gone they also getting older and more sad.

One day the king talk to his queen, discussing about the family problem. The trouble if they don't have a child. so King Taun say to his queen :

Adinda kanda ingin menyampaikan permintaan, ijinkanlah kakanda mengambil istri seorang lagi. Mudah-mudahan dengan demikian kita akan dikaruniai anak yang akan menggantikan pemerintahan kelak
"Dear My queen. I want to ask you something, can I get your permission to married for the second time. so we will have a son, in the future he will continued our glory and our kingdom!".

The queen give her permission, so the king propose a beautiful girl called Sunggar Tutul, the princess from Patih Aur (minister).

After that marriage the king is busy with his new wife. The king wisdom, turn unfair to his wife's. Because the bless of the God, Queen Dewi Mas is get pregnant. This news is shocking the new wife of the King, Sunggar Tutul. Being scared if the king turn out from her. With a tricky and evil, Sunggar Tutul stir up the king, and tell that the pregnant of Queen Dewi Mas because of a man called Lok Deos. The king get mad, so Queen Dewi Mas is unacceptable in the palace and thrown away to the Gili with some of the maid. they build a small village in that gili, Queen Dewi Mas is still with her strength trough day to day.

One day a ship nearing the Gili, from the far the Captain of the ship see a beautiful girl (the queen) in that island. they come to Queen Dewi Mas village. After they eat and drink to coverage they strength, the Captain ask why Dewi Mas is living in the island that no other people live here before, so the Queen tell all the story of her life. The Queen ask the captain for help, to accompanied her to Bali Island. Finally the Queen and her maid is living in Bali and made a new village.

The birth day is come, Dewi Mas have a twins baby. One boy and the another girl, she give the boy name with Raden Nuna Putra Janjak (who's born with a keris) and the girl name with Dewi Rinjani (who's born with an child arrow). Both of the baby grow up, funny and cute. but one day, both of the child ask about their father, because they always been ridicule by their friend for not having a father. The push from both of her child make Dewi Mas tell about their father, that he is a king, and all the story inside. Raden Nuna Putra Janjak is getting mad of his father and ask for permission to see him in Lombok and so Dewi Mas give him a permission to sail and go seeing his father.

By the time he arrive in the Palace, Raden Nuna is stopped by the guard. the fight seems can't be stop. even Raden Nuna still a child but with the keris from his birth he become strong and no one can defeat him, so the king have to fight him, the fight is more difficult to predict. in the middle of the fight suddenly there is a voice says :

"Hai Danu taun, jangan kau aniaya anak itu. Anak itu adalah anak kandungmu sendiri dari istrimu Dewi Mas".
"Hey King Taun, don't ever you hurt that child, cause the child is your own blood from your wife Dewi Mas"

After hear that sound, he feel sorry and hug Raden Nuna. after hear the story from Raden Nuna. so he go to the Bali Island and hope he can pick her up. all the people from the Taun Kingdom is happy cause the Queen Dewi Mas is not put an animus inside her heart with Sunggar Tutul, and they life happily ever and after.

Raden Nuna Putra Janjak grow up and more wise. so King Taun give him his crown to his son. after the son get the crown he go to the mountain with Dewi Rinjani. in the top of the mountain the pray for the God. in this top of the mountain Dewi Rinjani announced by the spirit of the mountain to become a queen. and after that this mountain called Rinjani.

The Myth About The Lake.

They call it segara (lombok word for the sea) anak (son), the son of the sea lake, oftenly called the bazaar of the spirit. if you went to this lake in see the lake is wide so be happy you will have a long age, and if the lake is not wide, you must calm your soul, clean up your mind and look for the lake as you want. (people will not say you will have a short life).

in this lake there never have a thought about how deep is the lake, but the fact is there is so many fish inside it, some people believe that this lake long time ago is also a sea and because the nature event they separate, and become the son of sea.

thanks for eber to give me the spirit on writing this post. :D

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Does Chocolate things still work on valentine?

Multidimension Travel Blog - Every year my friend get his chocolate and he is confused to finish that chocolate in one month without being over weight. some of friend that know this happens convert his gift to a flower. but, Valentine is not a problem of chocolate and flower but I think is more about love and heart. is all about feeling. but not also took a knife to the chest and sent the still-beating heart as a token of his undying love. that part is what I got from wiki about valentine days.

so, some of my friend had an interesting act for this special day and had a connection to a travel. at the time he invited the one he loved to a special place, yeah the place is a surprise and he not telling the place. but the keyword is the first place where you and your love got the first romantic moment and try to re-construct it.

I think the idea is great but I know there is dozen way to express your love without the chocolate things, even the chocolate is the easy way to express it. but, if you have an idea about new things in your mind why not trying it. this is annual day that only exist one day a year. so don't loose it.

oh yeah .. for my friend that follow the Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 a campaign for the peace 2009 election in Indonesia, good luck hope you can get your soul mate.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Travel Is Like Shopping, bright up your day and open up your eyes

addicted to shoppingMULTIDIMENSION TRAVEL BLOG - if some one wonder and compare the taste of travel. it would be like shopping. yeahh i know it.. shopping is the part of travel. but if you often does this activity goes to market market every Sunday and buy your goods for one week supplies I can sure you that is boring.

but what happen if the market have a promo and you feel want to peek a bit and wondering that you can buy something with a special prize. I can sure you that will have a big taste and feel.. and that feel is what I mean.

you will have more spirit to compete with the another buyer chase the product, you will open your eyes to the new product and feel like the most fortune people in the world, that can taste the promo. this feeling is what would you get if you are traveling to the new place in the new part of the world. but more and extraordinary feeling is added in travel. so if you is never had a travel before.. try it one there is plenty place in the world or in Indonesia you can visit with a price bargain from the various travel agencies. if you try to visit Indonesia came back often to this blog :D multidimension travel blog