Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Free MP3 for your summer from SansaE

travel spot ad Multidimension Travel Blog - Are you ever heard about SansaE? if not, SansaE is a group of Music that colaborate traditional music and modern. You can describe it also from the Group slogan here it is : an Inter-ethnique Dialogue
among Indonesian and Western Tradition of Music nice to hear it. but unfortunately the group become un-active cause the busy of the player with their work.

SansaE it Self made in 1997 in Padang on STSI (High School of Indonesian Art) and I think just to the link :lol: here it is the free legal mp3 download page. yes, it's legal. but for your information this is a concert record and there is only one song for SansaE even I have a permission to upload 3 songs.

I just want to know your opinion. after you download this song plz come back again and give your opinion. thanks.. have a nice summer.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Ninth Peak of Rahtawu Mountain

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - So ready for hiking in summer. yeah, one mountain in Indonesia, and as I know from local villager this mountain full with mystical and historian site from the fifth century. The place called the ninth peak (or in native tongue language is Songo Likur) this place is embed with Muria Mountain in Kudus City.

Why it called the ninth peak cause in fact there is nine peak on that mountain and the highest peak is SongoLikur. Every peak have their own name like : Semar,Petilasan Abiyoso, Begawan Sakri, Lokojoyo, Dewi Kunthi,Makam Mbah Bunton,Hyang Pandan,Arojambangan,Jonggring Saloko, Sendang Buton and Puncak Songolikur.

Cause the local government had repair this place now you can stay and there also a bath room. what you will do if you want to go to this place you have to go to Kudus city and find a guide cause it's so mystical, it would be the best if you have a guide from the local villager rather you gone there your self.

ok, cause this is weekend so I hope you enjoy your weekend, have a nice rest so you can get your perfect monday. cheers.

Friday, July 18, 2008

This Travel blog Rocks hehe!

travel spot adMultidimension travel blog - Summer 2008 many travel guide says that people is going to Caribbean Beach. but hey this is summer so don't forget to bring your sunblock, get a bottle of water inside your backpack and beware of the heatstroke.

beach is nice place if the weather start to warm. nice wave, warm water and beautiful blue sky. so have a nice summer.

oh yea recently when I'm login to entre cardo the company is on the move with sezwho and held a big bang contest. I also have installed the sezwho and start to making point to reach the grand prize. so if you also a drop holic don't forget to join the big bang all information is on your dash board.

as I know this is the weekend time so happy week end and don't stop to round your mind, use the time and get a rest.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Peucang at Ujung Kulon it's Heaven

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - hi all, this is the summer time. are you have a plan yet? I think many of you will take the beach part. So I will post about one beach at Peucang Island in Ujung Kulon National Conservation in Indonesia. Maybe you ever heard about this island. Last night I have a little discussion with my friend at the coffee shop talk about peucang. this is the third time for him gone to Peucang.

It's Funny to heard his story cause the team is like Indiana Jones that search for the nature treasure. He told me that the main purposes is to take a butt of a male buffalo in Ujung Kulon. and the peak of the journey is diving on peucang beach. As you know that Peucang is a National Conservation so Wild life still have a living in there.

Peucang Beach at peucang Island
Diving at Peucang is fun but you must beware of Undur-Undur and sea snake. Cause my friend said a sea snake have a behaviour that un-usual with other snake also the snake have a powerfull poison.

need a week to walk on foot visiting Tanjung kulon National Conservation. but the taste is un-forgotten. ok, happy summer. don't forget to bring your sunblock and dark glasses.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Macro PhotoGraphy with classic digital camera?

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - recently Nicole have posted tips for photography on her blog. so cause she is so expert in photography I decide to commenting and ask about how to get a nice picture with a classical camera like I have (Olympus CAMEDIA C860L) so at last she answered and seems I must shoot harder to make a nice picture.

I also have Asked to my friend about this nice picture thing's and he suggest me to practice and know a bit about photography technique. but, which one. I'm certainly blank about this. So, I think it's my destiny to meet Nicole in this blogosphere. but for your information Nicole give me an order to shoot something with my cam so she can give me more advice.

To bad my Olympus is take out with my friend for a week so I'm sorry Nicole, I didn't shoot on week end but I shoot it on Sunday.. lol. this year I have made a lot of blog for me to learn up. cause the nice thing of blogging is I have to main framing my mind to get my brain understand and also hope some one who read it is also understand.

best Regard,

Pandi Merdeka

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Announce The Winner Of Multidimension Travel Contest

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - This is the time where I will announce the winner of my travel contest. Seems there only three candidate from contestant that join. first of all I very thankfully for you all that joined my contest is make me do the blogging activity feel pride and realize that I'm exist in Blogosphere. so thanks so much. sorry if my tears drop when I write this post.

and secondly I held this contest not for link baiting but true from my deepest heart want to know about interesting place or event in your town I believe that every town have a beautiful place that we can enjoy, that's why if you link to me in do follow I will add you to my blogroll.

ok, maybe for announce now all the contestant list can you see at this contest post.

Prize will drop to Sherry with the tittle Not Just Shopping But Travel Too

Prize will drop to Mia with the tittle I Love Travel

Prize will drop to Brett with the tittle Strawberry Festival

Now for the last paragraph after I posted this post I will send you the entre credit prize and plz send your material to pandimerdeka [at] gmail [dot] com or give me notification if you just want your entre design to be the ad.