Thursday, November 15, 2007

Toba Lake. want to know the story?

A tourist from Germany, Martin Koessler, says that, the beauty of Toba placed on the hospitality from local villagers and the nature that so natural. That statement justified also by his friend, Florian Rott, who impress to one of the local personal that serve rice with small fish by the time they visit a village in Pangururan. "we dont go to Toba if we want eat a Pizza. we'll go to Italy to eat a Pizza," say Florian.

The origin of Toba face they seen when they enter the village, like Simarmata, Sagala, and Sihaloho, very impress them. in that village they can excite how the citizen of Batak tribe traditionally serve black coffee or enjoy the food using hands. the hospitality very impress them.
beside all of that, the original nature of Toba also enjoyed by them. from the hill around the Toba lake very impress and attract them back to Toba again. In Ambarita who famous with King Batak Tribe Castle from Siallagan tribe the tourist guide friendly tell the ancient story. they tell about the ancient court dan demonstrate how they do it. every question by the tourist, answered fluently. they don't rush in telling all the story. and they average guide cost is 15.000 - 20.000 rupiah or about $ 1, 7 - $ 2, 2

Monday, November 5, 2007

Kuta beach are you have been seen this beutifull sunset

as soon after Hugh Mahbett published her book with the tittle "pujian untuk kuta" (Adorer fo Kuta) who propose for lokal people to prepare tourism facilities before Kuta start to famous, now every single family adding the house rooms for inn, there also restoran, pub, store dan the other growing fast. The traffic of tourist from day to day also increase from domestic tourist and international tourist join to build facility in Bali.

Kuta beach also known well as Sunset Beach or opposite from the Sanur beach

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sanur Beach one of the hotest beach in Bali

Sanur village have a beach called Sanur Beach. this beach near Indonesian Ocean cause his position in south of Bali Island. not only famous by his beuty this beach had his own history like Puputan Badung war with Holland on September 20, 1906 and had been a place for king Kasari Warmadewa who live in Singhadwala on year of 917, where now Blanjong stand on Sanur Beach.

Sanur beach, first time introduced by Belgian painter, A.J.Le Mayeur with his wife Ni Polok who live there since 1973 dan have a her own paint galery. interest thing in Sanur Beach is the beach curve that so charming with a smooth wave. if the water goes down you will see the coral with several color. but in the end of the month the water will rise and the wave will high. if u see to south east corner you will see the march of Penida Island and move your head to the east you will see a panorama of Bali island with his mountain.

Picturing of Sanur beach also nice in after noon time, cause you will see a great panorama of sun set with a calming air under big tree on a white sands.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Way Kambas turn back to tropical forrest and see the elephant

National Way Kambas park are ecosystem of lower field forest which stands from swamp, savana, and wood beach forest in Andalas Island.

Kind of plants that live in Way Kambas National Park is api-api (Avicennia marina), pidada (Sonneratia sp.), nipah (Nypa fruticans), gelam (Melaleuca leucadendron), salam (Syzygium polyanthum), rawang (Glochidion borneensis), ketapang (Terminalia cattapa), cemara laut (Casuarina equisetifolia), pandan (Pandanus sp.), puspa (Schima wallichii), meranti (Shorea sp.), minyak (Dipterocarpus gracilis), and ramin (Gonystylus bancanus).

National Way Kambas Park also have 50 kind of mamals like badak Sumatera (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis sumatrensis), gajah Sumatera (Elephas maximus sumatranus), harimau Sumatera (Panthera tigris sumatrae), tapir (Tapirus indicus), anjing hutan (Cuon alpinus sumatrensis), siamang (Hylobates syndactylus syndactylus); 406 kind of birds bebek hutan (Cairina scutulata), bangau sandang lawe (Ciconia episcopus stormi), bangau tong-tong (Leptoptilos javanicus), sempidan biru (Lophura ignita), kuau (Argusianus argus argus), pecuk ular (Anhinga melanogaster); all kinds of reptilia, amfibia, fish, and insect.

Wild elephants who trained in training center for elephants ( 9 KM from the gate of Plang ijo) can use full to several work and you can see how the elephant was trained, watch the atraction, and see the elephant playing foot ball, dance, hand shake, give a salute, swim and other atraction.

The training center for elephant has legally founded at year of 1985. at this moment this place successfully educate and domesticating 290 elephant. you can also see the krakatau Festival in Bandar lampung in July. so the best time to see this place at July till September every years

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translated by pandi merdeka