Friday, February 29, 2008

Search your alternative Hotel Reservation before to late.

A new site on hotel reservation is available in case you need an alternative. Nowadays people often going to somewhere in a minute. The transportation makes it easy, and it happen also the hotel reservation. Maybe you already have your choice for hotel reservation. But there is not a false if you try another reservation to give a shot especially if they can promise you 70 % off.

There is a little tips for your travel. What ever your occasional. A hotel that cheap and also comfortable is always be the first choice. The tips are searching the hotel name in the hotel reservation, cause in there a lot of hotel collected with plus and minus value. This would become a data to choose which hotel is your type. Second if you got the data compare it with your budget. So you can secure your daily finance. The third is you have a choice now, test it and you would know are that hotel have a good serve or not. If good you can book it next trip, if not you can say bye-bye and give them a wink.

The internet growing fast and I know you have known that you can book a hotel from the internet. The marketing of travel usually have a discount program to compete with other sites that offer the same duty. So there’s a lot of site offer high discount. The thing that u must see is the hot deal of that site to offering the hotel, resort, or something like that. This thing can benefit you. If you travel for holidays, nothing less to sit much longer to search hotel reservation. But if you travel for business, tell your wife or maybe your maid to search for one. I know managing your finance can worth for you.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Legend Of Malin Kundang on West Andalas

Once a part o time there is a poor family, malin and his mother. malin follow the sailor to fight with his own destiny and promise to his mom, if he gain the success he will come back to home. time go, the mother always sits near the coast and wish malin came home soon, day by day, and at last a big boat nearing the coast, her mother hear the news and came to see his son, but what happen malin don't want to admit his mother.
by the time he gonna leave the island, his mother ask once again and malin get mad and punch his own mother. the curse of mother tongue spelled. malin boat suddenly crash by a strange storm and can't leave the island. the boat is broke, at the end of his live suddenly malin admit and beg for mercy from his mother, don't know why but the spell had been released all the boat, the kru and malin it self turn to a rock on pantai air manis.

this story told from old ancestor, and hope it can be a lesson to a boy to respect his own mother. this legend became a myth and the site broke by the nature. if you want to visit this place there gonna be exiting.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

More Space, Less Money, Enjoy Your Travel

Are you always traveling, from this city to another all month, all years? How much money did you spend it for airport parking? Maybe you must considering to choose and selecting more cheaper parking that can guarantee your money and your security and maybe also have a world wide link. If that your looking I know one option, parking for less.

Parking for less is the first choice if you in England, but this also available world especially in Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Australia and United States. They have a special prize if you booked a parking first. Besides the parking parking for less also have a list of hotel narrow the airport. The interesting thing about parking for less, is this firm can guarantee that this firm is the cheaper one, is written in the site, if you know the other parking firm that cheaper from us call now. What a great shot.

So what else do I can say, try it, maybe that one of several solutions for your money. If you, can’t stop thinking about a cheaper transportation fee. Why not you try this one. Hope you can more enjoying your travels don’t forget to bring you camera.

Ampera Bridge, tourism icon of Palembang City

If you have a plann to visit Toba Lake or Danau Toba maybe you must see this bridge. and see the beauty at the night.

Ampera bridge is the symbol of palembang city. This bridge stand across the Musi river. the building process start at the year of 1962 in April till 1965. Ampera bridge is 1177 meter long and 22 meter width with 78 meter high. In the beginning this bridge named by Bung Karno Bridge to give the honor struggling for Palembang citizen who wants to have a bridge that connect between Ilir and Ulu of musi river. but, after political tragedy, in 1966 the name of the bridge change to Amprea bridge until now. this bridge can lift up and down if big ship will trough it. in 1981 Ampera bridge doing renovation and take cost about 850 million rupiah. this bridge in native language called Jembatan Ampera.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Get a Penny to get brownie

Usually people love if they have some penny goes into their pocket for only a testimonial. What testimonial? Fake testimonial or true story from our experience. Certainly work something for penny must also sees the source. I have been heard about PPP from my friend cause my blog is young my status not approved. But yesterday also from her I know once again about the change of the Term of Service (TOS). What a happy news that I got in this morning, get a penny to get brownie, as you know that my blog is specialized in tourism and all of the family. At last my blog approved. This is new postie that I got and realize that among the circle have a word of mouth ethics so we can keep the happy blogging and also get the penny.
I think this is awesome; I can keep on blogging in other side I got penny, to keep on track diving to local tourism object. More adventure, more place, and more brownie. Why you don’t try it, share your opinion to the world. What you have to do is ask me or your friend about payperpost. Read the ethic and happy blogging, hope lot of penny goes into your pocket.

Voyage you mind take travel to bookstore

If you like books, i can sure you will love this place, it called bukafe. Bukafe located at south Jakarta, precisely at Duren tiga avenue. this place have a unique concept about bookstore, it joins what you need while reading a book.

it has restorant, craft and other stuff. i can't tell you much more cause you'll never know untill you taste it. what i like from this place is the coffee. with a nice blend the taste took you to heaven. so if you in jakarta don't forget to visit this place.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Simple Tips To Have a Cheap Holidays

Have tried an expensive holiday, and have a headache a week after that because you have to rearrange your entire budget. Why you have an expensive holiday if you can have a cheap holiday's?

Holiday normally happen as a massive. So you can hard to find the right place, because they all full. Many people avoid this hardness with booked some place. But this kind can shrink your wallet in a second. I know one alternative maybe you should try it, maybe you must get some inspiration first. A booked agent usually cost you a higher bid, so you must search an agent cheaper. The simple way is to bargain the cost.

There some alternative in having a cheap holiday’s. The process simple as you usually do. Only the different is the cost for the agent is cheaper than ever cause the agent only dropping you by. This alternative also available in Indonesia, Bali. You can save more for the other and you can see your wallet not shrink cause the cost. Not only in Bali this way also available in world wide. Like Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey and more, over the world. So begin your holidays cheaper and longer, and smell the air of joy.

Jakarta International Expo, visit it in the middle of the year's

Jakarta International expo or rather known as Pekan Raya Jakarta held in the middle of the year annually, this expo shown not also as an expo but as a ceremony to celebrate the birthday of Jakarta city.

Cause Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, this event held the best way and big show. so you will not regret it if you want to visit Indonesia in the middle of the year, so came by to jakarta to see this event. all Indonesian artis from sabang till merauke get the party in it. Don't worry if you dont know the place as long you in jakarta. all the people know it, all the transport goes to it. so take your travel time a bit in the middle of the year to visit this event.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

High your sallary bid for crazy Travel

Have a low salary and get confuse to manage travel cost at summer. Have thought to upgrade your skills and have a higher salary, try this one. Ultrasound tech school, in this school you will learn the skill to become a sonografer. Sonography, also called ultrasonography, is the use of sound waves to generate an image for the assessment and diagnosis of various medical conditions. While this technology has many uses in the medical field, its primary use and most common association is with obstetrics, and the viewing of a fetus in the womb. In this school you will learn about ultrasound tech, beside that you can also becoming technician if you choose the ultrasound technician school. So this is only one way solution that can be your alternative to have a better salary and certainly a better vacation planning if you did so. There a lot choice of school that offer ultrasound tech school so you can choice your school offline or online. What you have do now is choose the right school, plan your specification and manage your time. If you already doing that now this are the time for action, get a better salary and have a good vacation on beach and enjoying the sun. One more, doesn’t forget your sun cream.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

What you can do on Pangandaran

Natural Conservation area at Pangandaran long time ago was farming area of local villager, in 1992, at the year of 1922, when Y. Eycken become Residen Priangan, Pangandaran voted as hunting park. A Bull and 3 cows within a couple of deer.

Cause have different and unique life inside, in 1934, the area status change as conservation, with width 530 ha. In 1961, after Raflesia Fatma founded on that area, then the status change (again) to National Conservation. The need of local tourist on Tourism place, so at the year of 1978, that area also become Recreation place. at the year of 1990 the sea area around the conservation also become sea conservation (470 ha).

the activity that you can do on this conservation is biking, swiming, boating, snorkling, and see the historical sites.

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