Thursday, January 22, 2009

Travel Is Like Shopping, bright up your day and open up your eyes

addicted to shoppingMULTIDIMENSION TRAVEL BLOG - if some one wonder and compare the taste of travel. it would be like shopping. yeahh i know it.. shopping is the part of travel. but if you often does this activity goes to market market every Sunday and buy your goods for one week supplies I can sure you that is boring.

but what happen if the market have a promo and you feel want to peek a bit and wondering that you can buy something with a special prize. I can sure you that will have a big taste and feel.. and that feel is what I mean.

you will have more spirit to compete with the another buyer chase the product, you will open your eyes to the new product and feel like the most fortune people in the world, that can taste the promo. this feeling is what would you get if you are traveling to the new place in the new part of the world. but more and extraordinary feeling is added in travel. so if you is never had a travel before.. try it one there is plenty place in the world or in Indonesia you can visit with a price bargain from the various travel agencies. if you try to visit Indonesia came back often to this blog :D multidimension travel blog