Friday, April 18, 2008

Thousand Island, right Island new sensation

travel spot adIf you have a holidays and planning to travel in Jakarta. you must try thousand Island. nice place to avoid the crowd of big city and fill vacation.

Thousand Island still greeny and cozy, quite calm cause still rare of tourist came by here. The travel can begin with rent a speed boat for IDR 3.600.000 per one day. if you want try an alternative you can use Ferri bus but you cant go to all island in thousand island.

From Marina Ancol, try to feel the panorama of Bidadari Island cause it only takes 25 minutes, Untung Jawa Island with politeness of the villager you can taste the sea food here.

Rambut Island as the conservation Island for Sea Bird, Pari Island with luxury of the white sand remind us of the beuty of kuta bali and if we straight to Burung Island we can enjoy the amazing panorama of sea grass farm and we also relax under the sea christmas tree after that it would be nice if we go to the Tidung Island who have a calm sea wave and it has interesting live and it can be see from the boat.

after that you must eat the sea food of Untung Jawa Island, you can pick your fish, grilled and served with special chili sauce. yummy... you can also buy the fish, it very cheap.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why We have to travel ?

Travel online marketWhy this blog post tittle is why we have to travel? all people now is busy in their own work. focusing and never rest to think the tactical position in the work strategies. sometimes body physical or psychological need a rest and refreshment. this why we need a travel. seeing the green leave or white sand. relax, and charging the calm of self body. shortly we need to enjoy life that god gave to us.
Body need a break, and don't to dizzy think a place to travel. lot's of place available and can rearrange to fit your budget. this only take a couple of day from one year.. take yourself like a king in this day.

what you have to prepare?

don't bring a thing to much.. just think da happy day in the place. you can bought shirt or everything there and all you need. but, don't forget to bring your medicine. ok! happy vacation and please tell me a new hot place.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Brastagi.. high air tourism place

If you bored with the town why not take a travel to the village, mountain village. smell the fresh air and get relax for a while. Gunung Sibayak the mascot of Brastagi city will definitely perfect.

The nature feel, greeny by the light of the leaf in the foot of Sibayak mountain. Brastagi is located at the foot of Sibayak mountain. see by administratively located ad Tanah Karo teritory with Kaban Jahe as the capital of the town, 78 Kilo meters from Medan.

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