Monday, June 30, 2008

Start your summer with visiting local museum

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - Summer will be coming soon, I think all of you had planing your summer place. Ok, but before I start my article for you all that qualified and post article in my Travel Contest is only tree people, at least you don't know which one is taking the first place. so, wait for two days for know and I will announce the winner hope this tree people preparing their ads that will be placed on my blog.

For the summer, why I suggest you to visit local museum. First of all, it classical reason. for the history. I have read Soekarno Biography and he said that Great Person will never forget the history of her country. Second reason, nice to remember the history especially if your family line get involved, if this happen try to visit with your Grandpa. I can sure you Grandpa will tell you a story that never written in history book.

Third Reason, is cheap. not waste lot of money and you with visiting local museum you can contribute to the maintain fee for the museum. In my Country Indonesia there is a museum called National Museum (Musium Nasional) that stands from 1778. there's a lot of ancient Indonesian stuff.

how is your local museum are they so interested to?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

tommorow will not be same

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - At last I buy a domain for my travel blog, even still host on blogger i think i very happy to use this host. thanks blogger. I get a nice name I think how do you think are this is a nice name?

The fact is now I have to save budget for my two domains in my native tongue language and this blog uuu when will i have a host space.. hope soon I will have it. The things walk better and better each day but my class. ohh sucks but i must finish my study on psychology first. I usually think what the use of a certified paper but that a live and that's sucks. but what else, i only want to make my parent happy.

That's all this post is only for your information (FYI), and hope you not confusing with my new name. keep the spirit all and keep blog for our mind and hope.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Segara Anak Lake on Lombok Island

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - Yesterday I meet my friend he is from Lombok, he tell me lot of thing about Rinjani mountain and the myth of Segara Anak Lake. He become a guide for long time in Rinjani and the last journey he even cry. cause the track is become more longer than usual. but after you got on the top you even have to hold your breath to feel the myth by seeing the lake. if you see the lake shrink your life will not be longer anymore. but, if you see the lake as usual your life would be longer.

oh yea he also told me if you like fishing better prepare your nail cause in this lake the fish is big and starve. what ever things you use for the bait you certainly got your fish. it's so cool. for your information this location have been located on Rinjani Mountain Conservation in Lombok Island. i think this could be your alternative if you want to visit Indonesia and also want a little adventure.

and the last for you all that joining or want to joining the deadline contest is in the end of this month so keep fighting ;) and post your post

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oke I will Give you My Entre Credit and One Ad Spot for a Month

so seeing every body make a contest at last I will made my own contest. cause you all know this is travel blog so the contest is about tourism and travel. what would you do to join the contest? it's so easy to join the contest. what you have to do is commenting on this post and your name will in to my list

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9. Put your name here by comenting on this post!

and the second condition is you must post about the tourism or travel place in you town or city and put my link on that post.. if your link to this blog is free of no follow tag so as a gift I'll add you to my blogroll. thats all! oh yeaa for each participant I also give you 100 ec.

oke the price is
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are you interested so start commenting and make your post right now !