Saturday, May 9, 2009

Clypidus Pos Indonesian

Multidimension Travel Blog @ Travail Clypidus Pos - if you are tend to Indonesia. I'll try to make of a packet in Clypidus Pos Indonesia. part of Travail Clypidus Pos that I talk few days ago.

If you like you can read first the 7 fact about Indonesia you should know .. and after that this is the Travail Clypidus Post .. enjoy it

Bali - Who doesn't know Bali, even Bali more famous than Indoenesia it self. there is two beach and a few island you can visit. Like Sanur Beach one of the most favorite beach in Bali after kuta. Blue water, bright sky, clear sunshine, tropical climate, and beautiful sunset. so cause these beach is favorite beach you don't need to worry about your need as long your money is full. not only the beach you can also enjoy the culture taste if you came at the right time. there is some ritual that Bali Villager do, and it's annually every years. beside the Sanur you can Try Kuta Beach, and also Senggigi Beach on Gili Island not far away from Bali Island.

Jogjakarta - in this city you can visit Borobudur the temple of Budha that build by King Samaratungga and have been one of the 7 world wonder heritages. this city is also called the city of student.

Jakarta - Yeah I know for a capital city, that definitely so noisy, polution, and many building. but if you want.. there is years annual event called Pekan Raya Jakarta that celebrate the birthday of Jakarta City. all batavia culture you can find it in this even, from the food, the goods, and the dance, uhmm.. I think the artist also.

Bandar Lampung - now we go the the Andalas Island. Lampung you can go to the Way Kambas National Park, you can see Krakatau Festival

Palembang - See the bridge in the night i sure you can fallen love with this bridge. it's called Ampera bridge, the bridge that been a witness to dozen historical event in Palembang.

- you can go here to visit Danau Toba. the lake and the culture that inspired. you can also visit brastagi, nice place and cozy but little freezy.

Padang - Anai Valley find more by tracing the route you will find the stream of adrenalin when follow up the road. and don't forget to visit the historical place in this spot. even some of them have been a little messy.

btw, for this Indonesian Clypidus .. I have made it from my old post so if you wanna know more about. try to search it in the search box.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Multidimension Travel Blog @ Travail Clypidus Pos - Before we got into The Travail Clypidus Pos I have made my support banner. waiting for your support. this is what I made for Clypidus Contest :


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Friday, May 1, 2009

Travail Clypidus Pos one Destination Approach

Travail Clypidus Pos ImageMultidimension Travel Blog - This is the first post of the Travail Clypidus Pos One Destination Approach. that talk about one stop destination in all over the world, so not only in Indonesia but the world travel!. so this Travail Clypidus Pos is taken from three word first is Travail that taken from the anglo-french that mean Travel, Clypidus is taken from the keyword and this keyword I will explain on the second paragraph, Pos from the latin language that mean place. so that sentence come out Travail Clypidus Pos.

Clypidus is one of the SEO contest held by Andrey. one of the Entrecard member. so just have the plan to join and cheers up the contest. you can also join by commenting on his post at Clypidus Seo Contes (Andrey blog).

Before the start there is one word deviation between Clypidus and Lepidus. while Lepidus itself direct to Lepidus son of Marcus Aemilius Lepidus (triumvir) one of the famous Roman Patrician. but that allrights. lets say that Clypidus is Great Myth of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Entrecard ^_^.. thats all for now.. see ya on the next post of Travail Clypidus Pos