Thursday, December 18, 2008

Travel Dictionary E F G H

Multidimension Travel Blog - Now it's my time to updating the dictionary for travel and if you want to contribute to this dictionary is pleasure to it..

yesterday i have wrote about travel dictionary from A Letter to D letter now is the time for E letter to H letter.

E Word in Multidimension Travel Blog Dictionary

Emigrant - A person who leaves the country where he or she lives to settle in another

F Word in Multidimension Travel Blog Dictionary

Ferry - A boat that carries people, and/or vehicles and other cargo across a body of water.
Franchise - A business contract in which an independent business (the franchisee) sells or markets the products and/or services of a larger firm (the franchisor). The franchisee receives training and marketing support from the franchisor and pays a fee for ongoing support.

G Word in Multidimension Travel Blog Dictionary

green card - Identity card issued by the U.S. government to noncitizens who are permanent residents of the United States.

H Word in Multidimension Travel Blog Dictionary

hotel - Any establishment offering overnight accommodations.
hatch - A hinged door covering an opening in a ship's deck.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cheap travel called memory!

Multidimension Travel Blog - did you know travel that cheap and can make all feel suddenly turn like a fruit salad. I call it memory, last night when got back to my home sweet home, my eyes catch an album that lay on my rack and covered with a lot of dust.

lift it up and blowing the dust and make the room filled out with a flying dust. opened that album and got my baby photo at my age still 3 month years old. lots of photo inside that album bring me back to my beautiful memory of my younger age. this travel remind me again and feels like doing a long travel through the time and ended up in my bed while dreaming and hoping that times will rewind.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Travel Dictionary A B C D

Multidimension Travel Blog - yeah I think it would be great to collecting all word about travel in a group so I never forget it again and hope I put it in my blog so every one who need it would use it too. the dictionary will be updated frequently.

for the first step maybe I would group it by alfabet and start from A to D, and wonder if I could have feedback or suggest or even a word that I could write to group. so hoping your feedback buddy :)

A Word in Multidimension Travel Blog Dictionary

AirLines - An airline provides air transport services for passengers or freight, generally with a recognized operating certificate or license. Airlines lease or own their aircraft with which to supply these services and may form partnerships or alliances with other airlines for mutual benefit.

Air Transport Service - A business providing a system of scheduled air transport.

Airway - A covered, self-propelled passageway used for airline passenger and crew embarkation and debarkation at airport terminal gates.

B Word in Multidimensional Travel Blog Dictionary

Booking - Customer's concluded arrangement with a goods or services supplier (carrier, hotel, restaurant, publisher, etc.) representing a completed sale.

C Word in Multidimensional Travel Blog Dictionary

Caribbean - a region consisting of the Caribbean Sea, its islands (most of which enclose the sea), and the surrounding coasts. The region is located southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and Northern America, east of Central America, and to the north of South America.

D Word in Multidimensional Travel Blog Dictionary

Departure - The act of leaving

hope you can give me feedback in the comment area or send me and email at pandimerdeka [at] gmail [dot] com

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Terrorism ... insane man in the middle of the crowd

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - so recently i get my stand in front of television and suddenly my mind fill out with many news about terrorism and travel warning. feels like scary.

don't know how, but I must discuss this soda head with my friend before I write it down to this blog. according to my friend is all about media interpretation and media miss-interpretation.

the big thing and have a big contribution to all fear ( like become old, become ugly, not trendy, not stylish, etc) is media, fear is the number one that connected to security, as you know in hierarchy of need of Abraham Maslow, feel secure is one of the need. that is my friend opinion.

why Im choose that tittle, insane man in the middle of the crowd. cause the first people that could force the fight the stream is insane.

back to the discussion with my friend. All the point that confusing about this terorism and suicide with a bom is pull back to the subjectivity and interpretation. is all about pulling and stretching from one destination and another,,, what the heck what I want is just safe and enjoy the trace of God in the nature.

The Important thing that you must concern in your travel no matter that country safe or with travel warning is ... respect the rules of each travel place and hope you have a friend in that country that could guide you to your travel point of your choice.. happy travelling :)

hope you can give me feedback in the comment area or send me and email at pandimerdeka [at] gmail [dot] com

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cyber Traveler, would you become one?

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - Almost two years I've become this type of traveler but each day I feel more dumb in the cyber zone. but every time I also give my best hit to post every day, learning something new from all the people from all over the world trough the cyber zone.

But, the interesting things that I got every day also have a new friend from all over the world. experiencing to be a cyber traveler is like a world traveler and see the beauty of people mind. see, the different is only between the beauty of nature and mind.

Blog, this type of site that I have visited every day trough entrecard and other web submission. trying to leave a trace from one blog to another and hope I can have a new friend to share or learn something new.

so are you would become or had become a Cyber Traveler?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

do i really a traveler?

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - this word is is walk trough my mind lately. I have this blog and not sure enough that I have the power to operate and update this blog. The fact is I never had a travel. All the idea in this blog is collected trough people story who visiting that tourist object or even the tourism object is their hometown.

but by writing up this post I really must make a power to do more and hope to be a little creative on inventing a post, and guys really i need your feedback to give me an advice or even request me to write something. travel guide or travel object or some tips to enjoy travel in Indonesia without worry in security of your life.

I know that my country have a several travel warning. but really is trully save if you notice and adapt the way of enjoying beauty in Indonesia. tha tha for now and hope the spirit to post from you all.



Sunday, October 12, 2008

Anai Valley one of the most beutifull spot on West Andalas

write mosquitoMultidimension Travel Blog - if we visit the tourism object spot in west Andalas the interesting spot is in DAREK (native tongue language for the word Land), like Bukit Tinggi, Agam, Tanah Datar, Padang panjang, Lima puluh kota, Payakumbuh, Solok, Sawahlunto, Sijunjung, Pasaman, etc.

From the capital city of Padang, that located in the coast 'Laui’ (Native tongue language for coast), is not take a long time to reach darek is only 1,5 hours or 2,5 hours by take a bus.

So, if you go to darek don't forget to pull over in Lembah anai.. So this place that are we talking about... the Anai Valley, lots of interesting object in Anai Valley and become a favorite place for the tourist to take a break.

The first spot is Malibou Anai AKA Anai Resort that located in ‘ikua darek kapalo rantau’, Kayutanam, Padang Pariaman. In this place there is a green view with a mountain backround, with a river as an ornament.

after this spot you can enjoy the Anai Valley Conservation that located in Sepuluh Koto, Tanah Datar. this conservation is a tropical forest with various flora and fauna as you know that forest air is little cold but fresh in this place you can see also a waterfall with 40 m height.

Near the waterfall there's a fountain and seller that open a store and selling cookies and beverages with Padang spice. like bika, pinukuik, salt egg, nangka, young manggis, male banana, etc. The water so clear, nice air, and this situation make the visitor stay for a long time to enjoy the fountain and the waterfall from Singgalang mountain. don't forget to bring your camera.

After this spot you can see the Mega Mendung that have visited by the first Vice President of Indonesia Mohammad Hatta that not in good condition but have a great history. near this place there is a inscription to remember the struggle of independent heroes and it's located in uproad to Silaiang Kariang. after that you can stand in Minangkabau Village that have a design with oldies architecture.

so.. by the time I write this post a coffee and donuts have companied me.. thank for happy writing blog. ;)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lebaran, ketupat and chiken opor

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - In Indonesia it is the time for lebaran time. even this event is special for moslem but all tribe and religion in Indonesia joy and feel the happiness. this seems to an culture and time where people hang out with their families in their hometown.

in this special event commonly there always a food called ketupat and chicken opor, this food is like chicken curry and rice salad. often this food is served with rendang, is also like a meat curry but more spicy.

even this food is only have a famous in the big days but the spice is nice to take when ever there is a special event. try out the curry and if you like and curious about the recipee just comment and i will translate to English.

have a nice week end

Sunday, September 7, 2008

puppet master of tradisional Java

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - if you following my last post about free mp3 from SansaE I sure you know what flavour music it is. yeah it's rich with a tone from Andalas Island. the Malayu Tribe flavour.

the last post that connected to andalas is about the legend of malin kundang, for now the story still heritage from a mother to son and hope that her or his son will obey him. so now there is another story that also know as a legend cause this story perform in shadow theater and have a great euforia from the civilian.

the famous story is about Rama and Shinta, in Ramayana Legend and also the Pandawa Lima Legend which known as The Five Brothers. in every story of wayang there is a mystical thing that always been follow, at least the troops is doing some ritual so that story is become live. before, during, and after the show you can feel the differ aura.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Free MP3 for your summer from SansaE

travel spot ad Multidimension Travel Blog - Are you ever heard about SansaE? if not, SansaE is a group of Music that colaborate traditional music and modern. You can describe it also from the Group slogan here it is : an Inter-ethnique Dialogue
among Indonesian and Western Tradition of Music nice to hear it. but unfortunately the group become un-active cause the busy of the player with their work.

SansaE it Self made in 1997 in Padang on STSI (High School of Indonesian Art) and I think just to the link :lol: here it is the free legal mp3 download page. yes, it's legal. but for your information this is a concert record and there is only one song for SansaE even I have a permission to upload 3 songs.

I just want to know your opinion. after you download this song plz come back again and give your opinion. thanks.. have a nice summer.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Ninth Peak of Rahtawu Mountain

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - So ready for hiking in summer. yeah, one mountain in Indonesia, and as I know from local villager this mountain full with mystical and historian site from the fifth century. The place called the ninth peak (or in native tongue language is Songo Likur) this place is embed with Muria Mountain in Kudus City.

Why it called the ninth peak cause in fact there is nine peak on that mountain and the highest peak is SongoLikur. Every peak have their own name like : Semar,Petilasan Abiyoso, Begawan Sakri, Lokojoyo, Dewi Kunthi,Makam Mbah Bunton,Hyang Pandan,Arojambangan,Jonggring Saloko, Sendang Buton and Puncak Songolikur.

Cause the local government had repair this place now you can stay and there also a bath room. what you will do if you want to go to this place you have to go to Kudus city and find a guide cause it's so mystical, it would be the best if you have a guide from the local villager rather you gone there your self.

ok, cause this is weekend so I hope you enjoy your weekend, have a nice rest so you can get your perfect monday. cheers.

Friday, July 18, 2008

This Travel blog Rocks hehe!

travel spot adMultidimension travel blog - Summer 2008 many travel guide says that people is going to Caribbean Beach. but hey this is summer so don't forget to bring your sunblock, get a bottle of water inside your backpack and beware of the heatstroke.

beach is nice place if the weather start to warm. nice wave, warm water and beautiful blue sky. so have a nice summer.

oh yea recently when I'm login to entre cardo the company is on the move with sezwho and held a big bang contest. I also have installed the sezwho and start to making point to reach the grand prize. so if you also a drop holic don't forget to join the big bang all information is on your dash board.

as I know this is the weekend time so happy week end and don't stop to round your mind, use the time and get a rest.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Peucang at Ujung Kulon it's Heaven

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - hi all, this is the summer time. are you have a plan yet? I think many of you will take the beach part. So I will post about one beach at Peucang Island in Ujung Kulon National Conservation in Indonesia. Maybe you ever heard about this island. Last night I have a little discussion with my friend at the coffee shop talk about peucang. this is the third time for him gone to Peucang.

It's Funny to heard his story cause the team is like Indiana Jones that search for the nature treasure. He told me that the main purposes is to take a butt of a male buffalo in Ujung Kulon. and the peak of the journey is diving on peucang beach. As you know that Peucang is a National Conservation so Wild life still have a living in there.

Peucang Beach at peucang Island
Diving at Peucang is fun but you must beware of Undur-Undur and sea snake. Cause my friend said a sea snake have a behaviour that un-usual with other snake also the snake have a powerfull poison.

need a week to walk on foot visiting Tanjung kulon National Conservation. but the taste is un-forgotten. ok, happy summer. don't forget to bring your sunblock and dark glasses.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Macro PhotoGraphy with classic digital camera?

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - recently Nicole have posted tips for photography on her blog. so cause she is so expert in photography I decide to commenting and ask about how to get a nice picture with a classical camera like I have (Olympus CAMEDIA C860L) so at last she answered and seems I must shoot harder to make a nice picture.

I also have Asked to my friend about this nice picture thing's and he suggest me to practice and know a bit about photography technique. but, which one. I'm certainly blank about this. So, I think it's my destiny to meet Nicole in this blogosphere. but for your information Nicole give me an order to shoot something with my cam so she can give me more advice.

To bad my Olympus is take out with my friend for a week so I'm sorry Nicole, I didn't shoot on week end but I shoot it on Sunday.. lol. this year I have made a lot of blog for me to learn up. cause the nice thing of blogging is I have to main framing my mind to get my brain understand and also hope some one who read it is also understand.

best Regard,

Pandi Merdeka

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Announce The Winner Of Multidimension Travel Contest

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - This is the time where I will announce the winner of my travel contest. Seems there only three candidate from contestant that join. first of all I very thankfully for you all that joined my contest is make me do the blogging activity feel pride and realize that I'm exist in Blogosphere. so thanks so much. sorry if my tears drop when I write this post.

and secondly I held this contest not for link baiting but true from my deepest heart want to know about interesting place or event in your town I believe that every town have a beautiful place that we can enjoy, that's why if you link to me in do follow I will add you to my blogroll.

ok, maybe for announce now all the contestant list can you see at this contest post.

Prize will drop to Sherry with the tittle Not Just Shopping But Travel Too

Prize will drop to Mia with the tittle I Love Travel

Prize will drop to Brett with the tittle Strawberry Festival

Now for the last paragraph after I posted this post I will send you the entre credit prize and plz send your material to pandimerdeka [at] gmail [dot] com or give me notification if you just want your entre design to be the ad.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Start your summer with visiting local museum

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - Summer will be coming soon, I think all of you had planing your summer place. Ok, but before I start my article for you all that qualified and post article in my Travel Contest is only tree people, at least you don't know which one is taking the first place. so, wait for two days for know and I will announce the winner hope this tree people preparing their ads that will be placed on my blog.

For the summer, why I suggest you to visit local museum. First of all, it classical reason. for the history. I have read Soekarno Biography and he said that Great Person will never forget the history of her country. Second reason, nice to remember the history especially if your family line get involved, if this happen try to visit with your Grandpa. I can sure you Grandpa will tell you a story that never written in history book.

Third Reason, is cheap. not waste lot of money and you with visiting local museum you can contribute to the maintain fee for the museum. In my Country Indonesia there is a museum called National Museum (Musium Nasional) that stands from 1778. there's a lot of ancient Indonesian stuff.

how is your local museum are they so interested to?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

tommorow will not be same

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - At last I buy a domain for my travel blog, even still host on blogger i think i very happy to use this host. thanks blogger. I get a nice name I think how do you think are this is a nice name?

The fact is now I have to save budget for my two domains in my native tongue language and this blog uuu when will i have a host space.. hope soon I will have it. The things walk better and better each day but my class. ohh sucks but i must finish my study on psychology first. I usually think what the use of a certified paper but that a live and that's sucks. but what else, i only want to make my parent happy.

That's all this post is only for your information (FYI), and hope you not confusing with my new name. keep the spirit all and keep blog for our mind and hope.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Segara Anak Lake on Lombok Island

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - Yesterday I meet my friend he is from Lombok, he tell me lot of thing about Rinjani mountain and the myth of Segara Anak Lake. He become a guide for long time in Rinjani and the last journey he even cry. cause the track is become more longer than usual. but after you got on the top you even have to hold your breath to feel the myth by seeing the lake. if you see the lake shrink your life will not be longer anymore. but, if you see the lake as usual your life would be longer.

oh yea he also told me if you like fishing better prepare your nail cause in this lake the fish is big and starve. what ever things you use for the bait you certainly got your fish. it's so cool. for your information this location have been located on Rinjani Mountain Conservation in Lombok Island. i think this could be your alternative if you want to visit Indonesia and also want a little adventure.

and the last for you all that joining or want to joining the deadline contest is in the end of this month so keep fighting ;) and post your post

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oke I will Give you My Entre Credit and One Ad Spot for a Month

so seeing every body make a contest at last I will made my own contest. cause you all know this is travel blog so the contest is about tourism and travel. what would you do to join the contest? it's so easy to join the contest. what you have to do is commenting on this post and your name will in to my list

The Participant of Multidimension Contest :
1. Mia - posted I Love Travel
2. Collin posted ?
3. Fool posted ?
4. JLPRO posted ?
5. Brett Mindrec Robertson posted Strawberry Festival
6. Sherry posted Not just shopping but travel too
7. Chodirin posted ?
8. Suspect posted ?
9. Put your name here by comenting on this post!

and the second condition is you must post about the tourism or travel place in you town or city and put my link on that post.. if your link to this blog is free of no follow tag so as a gift I'll add you to my blogroll. thats all! oh yeaa for each participant I also give you 100 ec.

oke the price is
1. 1000 EC plus 1 month ad spot 125x125
2. 750 EC plus 2 weeks ad spot 125x125
3 500 EC plus 1 weeks ad spot 125x125

are you interested so start commenting and make your post right now !

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Journey to Hiding Waterfall at Bunder Mountain

travel spot adThis week I had a really amazing adventure. Go to Bunder Mountain with Some buddy and after on days we decide to visiting the waterfall.

It's not so strange in the mountain commonly have a waterfall. but this time the name is so funny the hiding waterfall. seems this waterfall always play hide and seek. local villager call it Curug ngumpet. people say this name given cause this waterfall is hiding for a long time, behind the rock and forest.

many local villager use their holidays to take a bath in this waterfall. from young to oldest. under the main drop stream quite depth my friend is sinking but fortunately he can swim.

if you go to this place you also can rent a villa there so many villa across the road but if you want to hire one try to compare the price. the old trick is for more cheap one is to know the sundanesse language.

I know it will be little rush but you can feel more than a travel, you can feel the adventure. oh yea one more, don't forget to bring your jacket and your swim suit. and try to see our recommended travel tool, hope it also use for you.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ontang-anting, The Myth that always been talked

travel spot adBatara Kala born from Kama that fall in the ocean when Batara Guru have the travel with Batari Uma. Batara Kala born in a shape of a fire that sparking big and bigger. This thing have made a disaster in Suralaya, and all the god had been commanded by Batara Guru to turn off that fire, but all the work of god is useless, and it more bigger then ever and up to Suralaya to ask his father.

because Hyang Guru worried if Kayangan will destroy, Batara Guru admit that Kala is his son. so it named with Batara Kala dan Batara Kala ask for food, and so do Batara Guru bring him food but the food is selected :

1. The person that only have on child and it call Ontang-anting
2. Five Pandawa (five boy or five daughter)
3. Kedono kedini, boy and girl and the girl will be the food.

to avoid being the food Batara Kala it must held a ceremony (ruwatan). So in the story of dalang it call lakon Murwakala or Lakon ruwatan. In the story (lakon) of Batara Kala is always eat the pandawa cause pandawa like ontang anting. But, because pandawa is always guard by titisan Wisnu (Batara Kresna) so Batara Kala is never success to eat Pandawa.

this is a legend that still held in the wedding ceremonial on Java Tribe. Ontang-anting ceremonial is different from kedono kedini ceremonial. Ussualy for the ontang-anting the parent will struggle with the reog (monster)... and it will be the next post of reog.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Are you ever travel to Bali ?

travel spot adI wish I can go to Bali! That is my wish for a long time. I have a few friend that live in Bali and they tell a lot to me how is Bali really look like. He tells me about the beauty and luxurious beach but also a unique tradition the famous one is ngaben. Like a funeral but burn out the body and before burn out the body it has a few ceremonial to release the spirit so it will be the next step to reincarnation.

He also tells me about five star hotels that worth with the price. Oh, I like this part. This hotel call Hotel Nusa Dua Bali and Spa. You can see the beautiful panorama from here. Beside off all you can also try a message by a professional massager.

They also recommend me to visit using air transportation either user water way. And land in I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport. This airport name taken from a hero in Bali. From the airport it only took 40 Km to Nusa dua bali hotel. If you want to see or book online you can try Hotels Combined that has amazing way to collect all data from book sites hotel and serve in our monitor just with one click. Cause my friend already told me about Hotel Nusa Dua Bali and Spa offcourse it more simple to find out. This hotel cost USG161 per-night. I think is pretty worth for a five star hotel beside for the strategic place cause located in Denpasar the capital city of Bali. So we can reach all the spot in Bali.

Who don’t know Bali, People know Indonesia by this Island. What you must visit is Kuta and Sanur Beach, and also the local tradition. If you belief in myth, in Bali is very lot of myth so if you want to do something try to figure out the totem and taboo of each place.
Is my wish to go to Bali. Hope I can get my rundown done and maybe get short holidays is interesting. But hope there can be a chance. Oh yeah, once more it’s a classic trick but try it most of them success. Try to make a friendship with a local villager there’s a lot thing that uncovered from Bali. The only way to find out only from the local villager lives there.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

are tourism business still promising

travel spot adthis question is always show up when ever I ask a question to my friend about tourism and that question seems so skeptic. for me all kind of business that offering entertainment, refreshment, and free air is always promising.

people work hard. finishing all the day in front of a desk and point all of concentration in a paper. this brain need a refreshment and I can sure they all now that they need it.

you know that we have a different climate season. so migration still be a favorite activity, when in our place is snowy we take a place that still warm and cozy.

so sunny under a warm sun, wearing a sunblock and joy the day. but are only a beach that promising? all the nature is one of great creation of God. People is always want to see a new place and fulfilling her curiosity. but there is always be a challenge. tourism propose a nature in the first chart position. the challenge is how the citizen, the workers and the tourism business entrepreneur keep the clean and natural condition on that tourism object while exploit them. I think this must be a mutual symbiosis between nature and human kind. to be long lasting beutifull nature is to keep the nature clean and natural.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ulo ulo manding the ceremonial imaging in Java tribe

travel spot adulo ulo manding is a ceremonial held in wedding of java tribe as an initiation to the bride for pacing a new word. this ceremonial imaging that parent give a goods to the bride as a holds to explore the new world.

in this ceremonial imaging there also describe that the bride and whole of son circling and hit by a rod to give the spirit to always try in the new world and never give up.

the goods that are being gift by the parent doesn't to use by the kid but as a symbol to remind it. after that the ceremonial continue by the imaging of the parent give a food to the son. this ceremonial held in private and only the member of family can see it, all guest that come wait outside the house to hear the happy news about the new bride that being gift by the parent to continue the journey.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Legend of Kedono Kedini in Java Tribe

travel spot adthis not an ordinary legend of kedono-kedini. this story had been tell from great great ancestor to remind people how great the power of love from a big brother. let's start the legend.

this legend begin in a village where the citizen live peacefully. in that village live a family who only have two child one a boy and the other is girl. they named the kid kedono-kedini.

one day when his father go to the farm his mother tell kedono to look after his sister. but the tragedy begins when his sister disappear, and kedono don't know anything. mother looks angry and with full of emotion knock kedono untill he died. the body of kedono suddenly transform into a bird. the bird sound like yelling her sister "dikkuuuuu".... cause a bird can easily watch the ground from the sky kedono found his sister.. and dribbled his sister back to the home.. after his sister back to the home, that the bird transform again into human body (kedono) and he died by proud to finish her responsibility as a brother.

until now this legend repeatedly tell in Java wedding ceremonial. if the bried from a family with only two child (a boy and a girl). beside kedono kedini in the next post i will tell you about ola ola manding and ontang anting the legendary source of power.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Voyage your soul, take this tour

What you want to do in July, if you don’t have a vacation program and you free, why not you try this one a program held by Christian Cruises, take you for 7 days with Christian Cruises. In various place with a yacht and only 170 believer’s on it, so I think you must consider Christian Cruises. Oh, I will quote the rundown for 7 day’s.
July 19

Arrive Athens, tour Mars Hill and receive a special private teaching then up to the Parthenon and more. Transfer to ship for our welcome celebration as we sail out of the harbor on the most beautiful ship sailing the seas!

July 20

Day at sea for fellowship and teachings.

July 21

Arrive Dikili with a visit to the ruins of Pergamum. Pergamum is one of the two best preserved church sites. This amazing site overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. Not many cruises visit this historic site! This afternoon take a stroll down the beautiful beaches, or you can take in another church site.

July 22

Visit Kusadasi beaches with a visit to Ephesus. We will enjoy a teaching in the actual amphitheatre where Paul spoke to the Ephesians. We will see the most fully laid out Roman city that has been excavated. This is believed to be the best kept archeological site in the Mediterranean.

July 23

Visit the island of Patmos and John’s cave today. This is a quaint Greek Island where after our teaching at the cave, you can enjoy a stroll around the island, bicycle trip or even a scooter ride!

July 24

Full day visit to Santorini. The island widely thought to be the home of the Lost City of Atlantis. This island is also considered the most beautiful island in the world. You can visit the caldera and enjoy the thermal pools, bicycle, visit the Pompeii of the Greek Islands - Akritori. Quaint whitewashed homes, amazing shopping and never ending beaches is what you will encounter today.

July 25

Greek island of Sifnos this morning (beaches, BBQ and fun!) We will have an amazing beachfront teaching under shade but with tremendous views. You can take off scootering or bicycling around this quaint island overlooking the beautiful sea. We leave quite late this evening so there is plenty of time to enjoy a day on the Mediterranean Sea plus the island's amazing restaurants, shops, walks and sightseeing. It will be a day of rest for sure.

July 26

Arrive back in Athens this morning. This afternoon you will fly home or to off to the beautiful island of Malta for our extension with the BASE Institute.

hope this information use for you.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Thousand Island, right Island new sensation

travel spot adIf you have a holidays and planning to travel in Jakarta. you must try thousand Island. nice place to avoid the crowd of big city and fill vacation.

Thousand Island still greeny and cozy, quite calm cause still rare of tourist came by here. The travel can begin with rent a speed boat for IDR 3.600.000 per one day. if you want try an alternative you can use Ferri bus but you cant go to all island in thousand island.

From Marina Ancol, try to feel the panorama of Bidadari Island cause it only takes 25 minutes, Untung Jawa Island with politeness of the villager you can taste the sea food here.

Rambut Island as the conservation Island for Sea Bird, Pari Island with luxury of the white sand remind us of the beuty of kuta bali and if we straight to Burung Island we can enjoy the amazing panorama of sea grass farm and we also relax under the sea christmas tree after that it would be nice if we go to the Tidung Island who have a calm sea wave and it has interesting live and it can be see from the boat.

after that you must eat the sea food of Untung Jawa Island, you can pick your fish, grilled and served with special chili sauce. yummy... you can also buy the fish, it very cheap.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why We have to travel ?

Travel online marketWhy this blog post tittle is why we have to travel? all people now is busy in their own work. focusing and never rest to think the tactical position in the work strategies. sometimes body physical or psychological need a rest and refreshment. this why we need a travel. seeing the green leave or white sand. relax, and charging the calm of self body. shortly we need to enjoy life that god gave to us.
Body need a break, and don't to dizzy think a place to travel. lot's of place available and can rearrange to fit your budget. this only take a couple of day from one year.. take yourself like a king in this day.

what you have to prepare?

don't bring a thing to much.. just think da happy day in the place. you can bought shirt or everything there and all you need. but, don't forget to bring your medicine. ok! happy vacation and please tell me a new hot place.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Brastagi.. high air tourism place

If you bored with the town why not take a travel to the village, mountain village. smell the fresh air and get relax for a while. Gunung Sibayak the mascot of Brastagi city will definitely perfect.

The nature feel, greeny by the light of the leaf in the foot of Sibayak mountain. Brastagi is located at the foot of Sibayak mountain. see by administratively located ad Tanah Karo teritory with Kaban Jahe as the capital of the town, 78 Kilo meters from Medan.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Mekar Sari The Garden of Fruit, take all as you want!

what would you do if you in the Garden full of fruit. and you can free your self to grab the fruit from the tree. This is happening on Mekarsari Fruit Garden. this garden you can find it in Jl. Raya Cileungsi - Jonggol Km.03, Bogor, Indonesia.

There 10 kinds of top unique tree and plants in this garden and the top ten is Beringin/Banyan tree (Ficus benjamina), Lamtoro Gung / Ipil-ipil (Leucaena leucocephala), Sirsak/ Soursop (Annona muricata), Nangka/ Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus), Jati/ Teak (Tectona grandis), Kelapa Sawit/ Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis), Bambu/ Bamboo (Gigantochloa spp.), Pepaya/ Papaya (Carica papaya), Pala / Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) so if you want joy the tree that made for consumption you can come by here at Taman sari the garden of fruit. that called in native tongue language is Taman Buah Mekarsari

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

again earn bucks, and set a vacation soon!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's Rush Days Stop think, i played a game!

this has been a hard day, I don't want to think anymore. Just want a happy hour. Finally just want to share a few game that i have play for online games i have found a site that collected the multiplayer online games and cools. I have played strategy war game that call oil empire and it's free, there also a racing game called race kings i want to try it but i must finish this level first. oh my God i have been attacked bye all I must defend.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Grand canyon? nop! it's Green Canyon

Green Canyon introduced by a France Citizen in 1993. The real name of this place is Cukang Taneuh. By using ketingting for 30 minutes you will see the beauty of Green Canyon. Step closer to Green Canyon we will see a river with a little stream and small cause the ketingting can trough it anymore. Here the water blue colorize, by swiming or crawling by the rock to see the true panorama. this journey is fully safe.

In a view corner you will see small waterfall from the top of the cave. and swim with the fish in a pure water. so if you here in ciamis, dont forget to visit Green Canyon.

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