Monday, April 14, 2008

GIve me a coffee and donuts to get your 125x125 ad in my post

travel spot adhi, after this post maybe i will get a frequency post twice a week. If you see a box of 125x125 ad in the left side of this post, it will soon be your picture if you Give me a coffee and donuts that will company me in the night while i make a post. this ad contain no follow link. but, it can be do follow if you add my blog too on your blogroll. feel free to contact me. at pandimerdeka [at] gmail [dot] com. thank for you support to me for keep on blogging.. see you ;) ... for your knowledge this blog is focussing on tourism, hotel and all connected to vacation. i also be the user of entrecash to sell my entre credit, even i have my own shop blog. if you are the user of entrecard don't be shy to join entrecash it's free. it's also use not only to sell your entre but also use to promote your blog. happy blogging :D

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