Thursday, June 26, 2008

tommorow will not be same

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - At last I buy a domain for my travel blog, even still host on blogger i think i very happy to use this host. thanks blogger. I get a nice name I think how do you think are this is a nice name?

The fact is now I have to save budget for my two domains in my native tongue language and this blog uuu when will i have a host space.. hope soon I will have it. The things walk better and better each day but my class. ohh sucks but i must finish my study on psychology first. I usually think what the use of a certified paper but that a live and that's sucks. but what else, i only want to make my parent happy.

That's all this post is only for your information (FYI), and hope you not confusing with my new name. keep the spirit all and keep blog for our mind and hope.


  1. Congrats for your new domain. It sounds nice. Wish you all the best. If you planning to get hosting, please get unlimited domain hosting type. It saves a lot of money. Trust me. I got one, and hosting about 6 domains there and it is still unlimited. Hehehe

    Happy blogging and wish u all the best in your studies.

  2. thanks reena, sure I will follow your advice. but, have to collect all my money first. :lol:

    Happy blogging for you to. and wish u all the best ^_^