Saturday, February 2, 2008

What you can do on Pangandaran

Natural Conservation area at Pangandaran long time ago was farming area of local villager, in 1992, at the year of 1922, when Y. Eycken become Residen Priangan, Pangandaran voted as hunting park. A Bull and 3 cows within a couple of deer.

Cause have different and unique life inside, in 1934, the area status change as conservation, with width 530 ha. In 1961, after Raflesia Fatma founded on that area, then the status change (again) to National Conservation. The need of local tourist on Tourism place, so at the year of 1978, that area also become Recreation place. at the year of 1990 the sea area around the conservation also become sea conservation (470 ha).

the activity that you can do on this conservation is biking, swiming, boating, snorkling, and see the historical sites.

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  1. salam dari kak e :)

    senang sekali dapat ketemu di sini :)

  2. waktu aku kecil, pangandaran bagus banget.
    Sekarang sudah jauh lebih rusak :(

  3. Looks absolutely like paradise!! I am under 15 inches of snow..and just the pictures make me think of some where wonderful!