Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Get a Penny to get brownie

Usually people love if they have some penny goes into their pocket for only a testimonial. What testimonial? Fake testimonial or true story from our experience. Certainly work something for penny must also sees the source. I have been heard about PPP from my friend cause my blog is young my status not approved. But yesterday also from her I know once again about the change of the Term of Service (TOS). What a happy news that I got in this morning, get a penny to get brownie, as you know that my blog is specialized in tourism and all of the family. At last my blog approved. This is new postie that I got and realize that among the circle have a word of mouth ethics so we can keep the happy blogging and also get the penny.
I think this is awesome; I can keep on blogging in other side I got penny, to keep on track diving to local tourism object. More adventure, more place, and more brownie. Why you don’t try it, share your opinion to the world. What you have to do is ask me or your friend about payperpost. Read the ethic and happy blogging, hope lot of penny goes into your pocket.

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