Friday, February 22, 2008

Ampera Bridge, tourism icon of Palembang City

If you have a plann to visit Toba Lake or Danau Toba maybe you must see this bridge. and see the beauty at the night.

Ampera bridge is the symbol of palembang city. This bridge stand across the Musi river. the building process start at the year of 1962 in April till 1965. Ampera bridge is 1177 meter long and 22 meter width with 78 meter high. In the beginning this bridge named by Bung Karno Bridge to give the honor struggling for Palembang citizen who wants to have a bridge that connect between Ilir and Ulu of musi river. but, after political tragedy, in 1966 the name of the bridge change to Amprea bridge until now. this bridge can lift up and down if big ship will trough it. in 1981 Ampera bridge doing renovation and take cost about 850 million rupiah. this bridge in native language called Jembatan Ampera.

pic :


  1. Have been to DAnau toba very long ago but didn't remember seing this bridge. Beautiful! By the way, have added your link to my blogroll! Do visit often!

  2. logspot.comthank's to reviews bridge ampera has. palembang is my birth town, now bridge ampera increasingly beautiful more than anything else in the night.