Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Legend Of Malin Kundang on West Andalas

Once a part o time there is a poor family, malin and his mother. malin follow the sailor to fight with his own destiny and promise to his mom, if he gain the success he will come back to home. time go, the mother always sits near the coast and wish malin came home soon, day by day, and at last a big boat nearing the coast, her mother hear the news and came to see his son, but what happen malin don't want to admit his mother.
by the time he gonna leave the island, his mother ask once again and malin get mad and punch his own mother. the curse of mother tongue spelled. malin boat suddenly crash by a strange storm and can't leave the island. the boat is broke, at the end of his live suddenly malin admit and beg for mercy from his mother, don't know why but the spell had been released all the boat, the kru and malin it self turn to a rock on pantai air manis.

this story told from old ancestor, and hope it can be a lesson to a boy to respect his own mother. this legend became a myth and the site broke by the nature. if you want to visit this place there gonna be exiting.

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  1. well I have been assigned to write an essay about the legend of malin. What is it that the legend of malin teaches us

  2. If I would say, respect your parent, specially your mother.