Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tourism Site of Indonesia, ohh mann!

first nothing else, congratulation for the official tourism site of Indonesia. my-indonesia dot info. even this site worth lot of money. the only hope for me as a newbie blogger is be serious man! are those the best u can do?

little shock at me while I'm reading Brokencode post on his blog this morning, feel a deep curious, I start to dig from the link that had been made from that Brokencode post. seems all un-logic, irrational, for that kind of web. especially when i read a review by ray in his blog about that site. damn! so tragic and pathetic. how much time wasted, walk trough 2002 and now 2007, 2008 i guess xixixixi.

if ray check the content maybe a little sneaking to see back link of this site, upload time, and SEO using free websites tool like iweb tool

last page rank check (04.25 AM) at December 12, 2007 is 3 (not bad)

Loading speed (04.30 AM)

Back Link at (04.33 AM) : 371 Back link

for the SEO Check I think Maybe Baladika can give the result

this post never mean to discredit my own tourism site country, but a suggestion and input for the webmaster, are that all u have? ohhh man! damn!

the last word i can say wake up, stand up and pack it all man!!!


  1. those 371 comes from its own structure, not from any popular sites.

  2. hahahah....hebat kan, negeri kita ini?

    btw, saya link tulisan ini ke blog saya ya, mas? thx

    venus, http://venus-to-mars.com