Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Night Market or Carnaval in Indonesia

this is not about tourism place, cause this object always moved from one spot to another. Maybe you know this as a Carnaval were people hang out and enjoy games, right when the full moon is set. but, probably i can sure you this object is where the place you can taste the life of local villager. in every single spot and town on Indonesia night market have his own nick, in subang this night market called orsel, in Jakarta called Komedi Puter.
beside the cost is very cheap to enjoy every games inside it. like kapal putar (spin plane), kuda putar (spin horse), bianglala kecil (little windmill), rumah setan (house of devil), tong setan (can of devil), kereta mobil (train car), etc. this object also have a market, that's why this object often called night market. so don't forget it, if you have a plan to visiting Indonesia or already in Indonesia search information from the local villager where you can find night market near you. i sure you that you wouldn't regret it.

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  1. Looks like a great place to have some fun :)!

  2. Hi Pandi,

    looks like a lot of fun .. I will have to check it out if I ever get there.

    ~ Diane Clancy