Thursday, April 23, 2009

7 facts about Indonesia that you should know

Multidimension Travel Blog - hope this seven (7) facts about Indonesia can help you out when visiting Indonesia. the main hope honestly is for make us comfortable and can enjoy the vacation to Indonesia. so the biggest purpose, gain a relaxation to our soul can be fulfilled.

1. the first facts, is Indonesia have a tropical climate that make Indonesia only have 2 seasons wet season and dry season. so if you come from non tropical climate better watch, and do some adaptation before doing other activity or travel.

2. The second facts, Indonesia have a plural ethnic and if you will or have a travel going to some place. search a travel guide that cover that place or original from the place. you can take more benefit if you do this.

3. The third facts, The common exchange money in Indonesia is rupiah (IDR) so don't forget to convert your money in money changer service at the airport if you don't want to have a difficult.

4. The forth facts, as an archipelago island so Indonesia tourism site is commonly mountain and beach. dont forget to bring your swim suit or you jacket.

5. The fifth facts, as an plural ethnic country, don't forget to see the culture exhibition. as you know Bali is often know by the culture dance beside the beach this also happen in other tourism site in Indonesia.

6. The sixth facts, try to know the norm and the rule about your place that you want to visit, cause you will more welcome by local villagers if you know their rules and norm. try asking it with your travel guide.

7. The Seven facts, don't forget to by the merchandise. find the unique one. cause you would never find it in other place.. cause each place in Indonesia have the different stuff..

yup that is the common fact.. hope you enjoy your visit to Indonesia.


  1. i'll keep that in mind in case i ever get the chance to visit Indonesia. thanks for the info :)

  2. @maggie

    Yw maggie ... thanks for visiting ^_^