Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Start, Clypidus here I come

Multidimension Travel Blog @ Travail Clypidus Pos - yesterday when I can't got internet connection. Sure that thing make me hardly to do some research too fulfill the World Travail Clypidus Pos, as you know mostly on this travel blog journey I always write about Indonesian Tourism but now the challenge is coming and had already accept it to finish the clypidus journey.. yeahh I know the clypidus is only a seo contest that held by Andrey.

Now I got my internet back and ready for the research about Clypidus pos Malaysian.. after writing Clypidus Pos Indonesian. Yesterday I follow some quiz about guest who on Andrey blog and yeahh I win a thousand EC .. so I think is a good start for me.. and for you all bloggers, keep on the spirit ^_^

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  1. congratulations ......... keep it up .............