Monday, July 23, 2007

Push the Tempo

F**K the life!, some one yield that word at the phone box. her eyes flood, and her face red. i can only stare at my seat and enjoying a cup of coffee with a well mix. what her problem exactly. why that emotion is so explode and why in a phone box.

i have read a book says that interaction have two element the first one is two or more ways communication and the second is exchange information between. but this happen shock me that and prove the theory that not and interaction can explode emotion, but an information can also exploded some one feel.

my white man friend. live in a poor life. survive in a city and hoping some one pity. but not that the point he answer my question. the point is how we use some one feel to survive our live. many leader in history have conquer her own feel and conquer the world. this is da point. many people have a different in way of think. i prefer my self to read a book, altought this is bad interaction, in the meaning of one way communication.

push da tempo! can u conquer ur own feel

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