Monday, July 16, 2007

what the motif??

if some one attractive to other what is the motif ? r love can be the motif. a bit more confusing problem here. the reality, that happen in our live, our move, our desire, our mind, is constructed by motif. and what is motif realy are? motif is an impuls that push us to do something so if a motif related to impuls, r love either an impuls?

r u have been fallen in love with some one. what impuls we use too. desire?, passion?, conquer?, politics?, still confiuse to explain because im never feel a love before. to some one, to some thing. some people talk that he have fallin love with god. i think that isnt a love, but a need to a power out side of our body that mighty and nothing else can defeated. every one have a god, depends of what mighty power he or she need.

my friend always say there is two god, the big one and the small one. one the mighty god and the second is money.

im still not understand why but the reality r. in the stream of conciusness i always say "never hope, even to god!"

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