Friday, December 14, 2007

Mahameru The Peak of Goddest eternity

Semeru Mountain or we can called Semeru is a highest volcano in Java Island, Peak of this volcano is about 3.676 meter from the top of the sea, and the volcano spot called Jonggring Saloko.

Semeru have a forest including Dipterokarp hill, Dipterokarp upper forest, Montane forest, and Ericaceous forest or forest mountain.

this volcano mountain position in Kabupaten Malang dan Lumajang teritory, and geografical position between 8°06' South latitude dan 120°55' longitude east.

In the years of 1913 and 1946 volcano spot Jonggring Saloka have a belt with the top high about 3.744,8 M until the end of November 1973. in the south corner this belt have push the spot and cause lava stream to the Pasirian, Candiputro and Lumajang.

Semeru as a National Conservation

This volcano mountain also known as one of the national conservation in Bromo Tengger semeru, and this national conservation including : Tengger mountain, Bromo mountain (2.392m) Batok mountain (2.470m) Kursi mountain (2,581m) Watangan mountain (2.662m) Widodaren mountain (2.650m). and four lake (ranu): Ranu Pani, Ranu Regulo, Ranu Kumbolo, Ranu Darungan.

the Flora ecosystem that live in mountain semeru dominated by cemara tree, akasia, pinus, and Jamuju kinds. for the lower land tree dominated by Kirinyuh, alang-alang, tembelekan, harendong and white Edelwiss, lot of Edelwiss tree u can find in the hillside to the peak of Semeru, and also found few kind of endernik orchid who live among south side of Semeru.

Fauna ecosystem that live in Semeru is : Panther, Budeng, Luwak, antelope, Kancil, etc. and among Ranu Kumbolo there is Belibis bird.

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