Monday, December 15, 2008

Cheap travel called memory!

Multidimension Travel Blog - did you know travel that cheap and can make all feel suddenly turn like a fruit salad. I call it memory, last night when got back to my home sweet home, my eyes catch an album that lay on my rack and covered with a lot of dust.

lift it up and blowing the dust and make the room filled out with a flying dust. opened that album and got my baby photo at my age still 3 month years old. lots of photo inside that album bring me back to my beautiful memory of my younger age. this travel remind me again and feels like doing a long travel through the time and ended up in my bed while dreaming and hoping that times will rewind.


  1. i do this kind of traveling very often. i guess having a happy childhood makes all the difference

  2. yeahh... hope i have a happy childhood