Sunday, February 8, 2009

Does Chocolate things still work on valentine?

Multidimension Travel Blog - Every year my friend get his chocolate and he is confused to finish that chocolate in one month without being over weight. some of friend that know this happens convert his gift to a flower. but, Valentine is not a problem of chocolate and flower but I think is more about love and heart. is all about feeling. but not also took a knife to the chest and sent the still-beating heart as a token of his undying love. that part is what I got from wiki about valentine days.

so, some of my friend had an interesting act for this special day and had a connection to a travel. at the time he invited the one he loved to a special place, yeah the place is a surprise and he not telling the place. but the keyword is the first place where you and your love got the first romantic moment and try to re-construct it.

I think the idea is great but I know there is dozen way to express your love without the chocolate things, even the chocolate is the easy way to express it. but, if you have an idea about new things in your mind why not trying it. this is annual day that only exist one day a year. so don't loose it.

oh yeah .. for my friend that follow the Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 a campaign for the peace 2009 election in Indonesia, good luck hope you can get your soul mate.

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