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The Legend Of Rinjani Mountain and his Myth

morning at the mountain
Multidimension Travel Blog - This post is specially dedicated to Eber.
Long long ago not far from the Lembar harbour, there is a Taun Kingdom and ruled by a King, Datu Taun and his beautiful queen Dewi Mas.

The Kingdom is peaceful, safe, and rich. even the kingdom never have a trouble, King Taun is always sad, this because he is not having a child yet, the time went and gone they also getting older and more sad.

One day the king talk to his queen, discussing about the family problem. The trouble if they don't have a child. so King Taun say to his queen :

Adinda kanda ingin menyampaikan permintaan, ijinkanlah kakanda mengambil istri seorang lagi. Mudah-mudahan dengan demikian kita akan dikaruniai anak yang akan menggantikan pemerintahan kelak
"Dear My queen. I want to ask you something, can I get your permission to married for the second time. so we will have a son, in the future he will continued our glory and our kingdom!".

The queen give her permission, so the king propose a beautiful girl called Sunggar Tutul, the princess from Patih Aur (minister).

After that marriage the king is busy with his new wife. The king wisdom, turn unfair to his wife's. Because the bless of the God, Queen Dewi Mas is get pregnant. This news is shocking the new wife of the King, Sunggar Tutul. Being scared if the king turn out from her. With a tricky and evil, Sunggar Tutul stir up the king, and tell that the pregnant of Queen Dewi Mas because of a man called Lok Deos. The king get mad, so Queen Dewi Mas is unacceptable in the palace and thrown away to the Gili with some of the maid. they build a small village in that gili, Queen Dewi Mas is still with her strength trough day to day.

One day a ship nearing the Gili, from the far the Captain of the ship see a beautiful girl (the queen) in that island. they come to Queen Dewi Mas village. After they eat and drink to coverage they strength, the Captain ask why Dewi Mas is living in the island that no other people live here before, so the Queen tell all the story of her life. The Queen ask the captain for help, to accompanied her to Bali Island. Finally the Queen and her maid is living in Bali and made a new village.

The birth day is come, Dewi Mas have a twins baby. One boy and the another girl, she give the boy name with Raden Nuna Putra Janjak (who's born with a keris) and the girl name with Dewi Rinjani (who's born with an child arrow). Both of the baby grow up, funny and cute. but one day, both of the child ask about their father, because they always been ridicule by their friend for not having a father. The push from both of her child make Dewi Mas tell about their father, that he is a king, and all the story inside. Raden Nuna Putra Janjak is getting mad of his father and ask for permission to see him in Lombok and so Dewi Mas give him a permission to sail and go seeing his father.

By the time he arrive in the Palace, Raden Nuna is stopped by the guard. the fight seems can't be stop. even Raden Nuna still a child but with the keris from his birth he become strong and no one can defeat him, so the king have to fight him, the fight is more difficult to predict. in the middle of the fight suddenly there is a voice says :

"Hai Danu taun, jangan kau aniaya anak itu. Anak itu adalah anak kandungmu sendiri dari istrimu Dewi Mas".
"Hey King Taun, don't ever you hurt that child, cause the child is your own blood from your wife Dewi Mas"

After hear that sound, he feel sorry and hug Raden Nuna. after hear the story from Raden Nuna. so he go to the Bali Island and hope he can pick her up. all the people from the Taun Kingdom is happy cause the Queen Dewi Mas is not put an animus inside her heart with Sunggar Tutul, and they life happily ever and after.

Raden Nuna Putra Janjak grow up and more wise. so King Taun give him his crown to his son. after the son get the crown he go to the mountain with Dewi Rinjani. in the top of the mountain the pray for the God. in this top of the mountain Dewi Rinjani announced by the spirit of the mountain to become a queen. and after that this mountain called Rinjani.

The Myth About The Lake.

They call it segara (lombok word for the sea) anak (son), the son of the sea lake, oftenly called the bazaar of the spirit. if you went to this lake in see the lake is wide so be happy you will have a long age, and if the lake is not wide, you must calm your soul, clean up your mind and look for the lake as you want. (people will not say you will have a short life).

in this lake there never have a thought about how deep is the lake, but the fact is there is so many fish inside it, some people believe that this lake long time ago is also a sea and because the nature event they separate, and become the son of sea.

thanks for eber to give me the spirit on writing this post. :D


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