Monday, July 27, 2009

clypidus consideration for Green Earth

Multidimension Travel Blog @ Travail Clypidus Pos Consideration - We all know that more than 70% tourism site build on nature and historical site. exploitation of natural resources had make this thing worst. Not only Deforestation, Desertification, Extinction of species, Ozone depletion, but also the extiction of natural culture.

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many people thinks that acculturation is something that must be done. if not now, it will some day. ok, ok I know it's a job of government culture department to keep that work and safe. but as a tourist I think more than that. we have to exite them without being distort them. how? just take your self behind the line and see without crossing the line.

then, I will take the Travail Clypidus Pos Jargon like this MAKE THE NATURE AND THE CULTURE AS YOUR BUDDY, feel them without hurt them. the first thing that we must try is to place the garbage and thrash on the right spot. if we done this one we are getting closer to the Green Earth.

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  1. I think apart from govt we all are responsible for safe guarding natural culture.Govt cant hire a person for every visitor to check visitors activities.yes of course government cultural department need to work a lot and they have to move ahead of seminars and workshops in hotels.