Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wannabe Drop monster on Clypidus event

Multidimension Travel Blog @ Travail Clypidus Pos - if you are wait for the packt of Travail Clypidus Post this post is not one of the packt but only post to tell about my desire .. I wannabe a drop monster.

If you dont know about entrecard and your blog is using English Language better you try it. even you don't want to be and just want to put your ad on it you still can sign up using the advertiser account.

I made my account at the earlier when entrecard just still fresh and fortune for me my blog is on the list of powerdropping site. where the 300 lighter blog that follow entrecard is listed. that time many user of entrecard is a drop monster. less sleep, less post, just for dropping and drop by.

and now I will bookmarking all the site that will be drop every day.. hope your blog is on my list ^_^ see ya

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