Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Get 30 EC Instantly with a simple task

Multidimension Travel Blog
Multidimension Travel Blog - hi great news from multidimension Travel blog to entrecard users. now if you comment on this blog you will get 30 EC (Entrecard Credits) for your loyality to comment.

Be Creative and for celebrating new year 2010 I will choose the 3 most interesting comment to get 1000 EC so feel free to surf my archive. btw this offer only stand to entrecarders, if you don't have entrecard account make one and feel the joy. happy commenting, merry christmas, and happy new year.


  1. This is really good news for entrecarder,
    thanks alot, merry Christmas $ happy new year

  2. yeahh.. thanks for the comment.. and happy new year too ^^

  3. entercard for future of your blog? let's try...

  4. @ arie

    where could i sent you the ec for your comment?