Monday, February 22, 2010

Clypidus Pos Australia

Travail Clypidus Pos Australia, so we go again with the clypidus story. I will continue the story with the archipelago and country that near from Indonesia. from the last Clypidus I already write about Singapore and now I will Write about Australia, a country that near Indonesia and right below the papua on the map.

There's many you can do if you want to visit Australia, as many Island and country have there is original tribe in Australia that famous with their weapon to hunt (boomerang), yeah aboriginal stuff always interesting. and the most Important things to do is see the kangguru and koala. after that you can always visit a few spot that are lovely to see. such as;

Sydney Harbour. if you plan to visit Australia in Januari don't pass this event at 26 there will be an Australian days where a boat races, fireworks and concert are exist during the Australia Day.

Melbourne. if you plan to visit Australia in March the best way is heading to Melbourne, Victoria where you can taste the food and wine Festival. this event hosted in Chinatown and take all the best chef, wine maker and cocktail shaker. After that you can try to find the info about the Australian Grandprix that also held in Melbourne at Albert Park.

Canberra Balloon. is there also on March you can see the hot air balloon dancing on the sky. you can feel the real autumn here. 

Margaret River. If you plan to visit Australia in April try to visit Margaret River, is only take 4 hours from Perth. you will taste how the local villager celebrate their harvest. music, art, and other are mix  together.

happy traveling and don't forgot to choose the best agent travel for your comfort.

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