Thursday, February 11, 2010

THe new WOrld of Travel

Multidimension Travel Blog - Yeahh I know that my blog had not been updated long long time since last year.. and now 2010, second month of the year, February...

Don't know why but seems this end year task on my college make me stuck on thinking great the deadline on this end of the month .. if you don't mind hope for me to sucessed.

the first thing that make my hand up and running on the keyboard, typing all the sentence is the perspective of 2010 and the frame on the end of the world in 2012. Let's make the same perception first.. that all that I have write here is only my view and my opinion on how the travel will work in the next two year.

what willl happen if you know that your life will ends in two years a head. some one will say that he or she will do what he always want to do and visit the place all over the world that his or her foot is never steps on it.. so the travel will go rise and up ... but the there will be some wave that will ruin the naturality of the site if the tourism and culture keeper not preparing this wave.

but the good news.. all the transportation and accomodation will high and all the travel agent will be rethink to serve the price in the front of their costumers. so if you also believe that the world will end on 2012 keep in touch with your travel agent.....

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