Friday, July 18, 2008

This Travel blog Rocks hehe!

travel spot adMultidimension travel blog - Summer 2008 many travel guide says that people is going to Caribbean Beach. but hey this is summer so don't forget to bring your sunblock, get a bottle of water inside your backpack and beware of the heatstroke.

beach is nice place if the weather start to warm. nice wave, warm water and beautiful blue sky. so have a nice summer.

oh yea recently when I'm login to entre cardo the company is on the move with sezwho and held a big bang contest. I also have installed the sezwho and start to making point to reach the grand prize. so if you also a drop holic don't forget to join the big bang all information is on your dash board.

as I know this is the weekend time so happy week end and don't stop to round your mind, use the time and get a rest.


  1. interesting article, good read thanks.


  2. @ Lisa / Cashback

    thanks for visiting my blog lisa or who ever you are :D

  3. hahaha, Pandi, I think she's attracting attention? This reminds me, no matter how much you use the sunblock, you could still get sunburned :P Also, traveling can be a pain with all the bookings and the formalities and stuff... May I suggest as a travel guide? there are a lot of travelers there that share quite a lot of tips! :)