Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Announce The Winner Of Multidimension Travel Contest

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - This is the time where I will announce the winner of my travel contest. Seems there only three candidate from contestant that join. first of all I very thankfully for you all that joined my contest is make me do the blogging activity feel pride and realize that I'm exist in Blogosphere. so thanks so much. sorry if my tears drop when I write this post.

and secondly I held this contest not for link baiting but true from my deepest heart want to know about interesting place or event in your town I believe that every town have a beautiful place that we can enjoy, that's why if you link to me in do follow I will add you to my blogroll.

ok, maybe for announce now all the contestant list can you see at this contest post.

Prize will drop to Sherry with the tittle Not Just Shopping But Travel Too

Prize will drop to Mia with the tittle I Love Travel

Prize will drop to Brett with the tittle Strawberry Festival

Now for the last paragraph after I posted this post I will send you the entre credit prize and plz send your material to pandimerdeka [at] gmail [dot] com or give me notification if you just want your entre design to be the ad.


  1. Hooray, I won. Thank you. I just send you email. Pls check.

  2. hi, just saw your email. 2nd Place Winner lucky me. Wonder what happen to other participants. Will email you soon.