Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Free MP3 for your summer from SansaE

travel spot ad Multidimension Travel Blog - Are you ever heard about SansaE? if not, SansaE is a group of Music that colaborate traditional music and modern. You can describe it also from the Group slogan here it is : an Inter-ethnique Dialogue
among Indonesian and Western Tradition of Music nice to hear it. but unfortunately the group become un-active cause the busy of the player with their work.

SansaE it Self made in 1997 in Padang on STSI (High School of Indonesian Art) and I think just to the link :lol: here it is the free legal mp3 download page. yes, it's legal. but for your information this is a concert record and there is only one song for SansaE even I have a permission to upload 3 songs.

I just want to know your opinion. after you download this song plz come back again and give your opinion. thanks.. have a nice summer.


  1. thank you for advice me I find you tip very useful with the control F key. :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my site.

  3. it would be great if you add shoutbox in your page...btw, I propped you from social spark


  4. thanks for the comment....that is true! that is the downfall of shoutbox sometimes...I am glad you read mine! lol

  5. Combining those different music genre are extra ordinary things. Remind me about vicky sianipar. too bad, i can't listening right now.