Monday, July 7, 2008

Macro PhotoGraphy with classic digital camera?

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - recently Nicole have posted tips for photography on her blog. so cause she is so expert in photography I decide to commenting and ask about how to get a nice picture with a classical camera like I have (Olympus CAMEDIA C860L) so at last she answered and seems I must shoot harder to make a nice picture.

I also have Asked to my friend about this nice picture thing's and he suggest me to practice and know a bit about photography technique. but, which one. I'm certainly blank about this. So, I think it's my destiny to meet Nicole in this blogosphere. but for your information Nicole give me an order to shoot something with my cam so she can give me more advice.

To bad my Olympus is take out with my friend for a week so I'm sorry Nicole, I didn't shoot on week end but I shoot it on Sunday.. lol. this year I have made a lot of blog for me to learn up. cause the nice thing of blogging is I have to main framing my mind to get my brain understand and also hope some one who read it is also understand.

best Regard,

Pandi Merdeka


  1. You will get there, my friend.
    Training, reading a lot and shooting, shooting shooting is the best way to go.
    It took my close to a 100.000 pictures to get where I am now ;)
    And I still love snapping anything I can get just for the fun of it :)

  2. okee i will shoot 100.000 photo ;)