Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Ninth Peak of Rahtawu Mountain

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - So ready for hiking in summer. yeah, one mountain in Indonesia, and as I know from local villager this mountain full with mystical and historian site from the fifth century. The place called the ninth peak (or in native tongue language is Songo Likur) this place is embed with Muria Mountain in Kudus City.

Why it called the ninth peak cause in fact there is nine peak on that mountain and the highest peak is SongoLikur. Every peak have their own name like : Semar,Petilasan Abiyoso, Begawan Sakri, Lokojoyo, Dewi Kunthi,Makam Mbah Bunton,Hyang Pandan,Arojambangan,Jonggring Saloko, Sendang Buton and Puncak Songolikur.

Cause the local government had repair this place now you can stay and there also a bath room. what you will do if you want to go to this place you have to go to Kudus city and find a guide cause it's so mystical, it would be the best if you have a guide from the local villager rather you gone there your self.

ok, cause this is weekend so I hope you enjoy your weekend, have a nice rest so you can get your perfect monday. cheers.


  1. nice article, would be more interesting if you put more and big photos

  2. thanks ... is a rush post.. hope i can do it better from day to day.

  3. i think that names were signing to us, how wonderful Indonesian people is. they named everything with some kind of high talent through their cultures.