Sunday, September 7, 2008

puppet master of tradisional Java

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - if you following my last post about free mp3 from SansaE I sure you know what flavour music it is. yeah it's rich with a tone from Andalas Island. the Malayu Tribe flavour.

the last post that connected to andalas is about the legend of malin kundang, for now the story still heritage from a mother to son and hope that her or his son will obey him. so now there is another story that also know as a legend cause this story perform in shadow theater and have a great euforia from the civilian.

the famous story is about Rama and Shinta, in Ramayana Legend and also the Pandawa Lima Legend which known as The Five Brothers. in every story of wayang there is a mystical thing that always been follow, at least the troops is doing some ritual so that story is become live. before, during, and after the show you can feel the differ aura.

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