Monday, October 29, 2007

Borobudur - nice choice tourism place in Indonesia

Borobudur build by king Samaratungga, one of the ancient mataram kingdom, and descent of Wangsa Syailendra. basically on the Kayamwungan relic, a man from Indonesia called Hudaya Kandahjaya say that Borobudur is a holly place that have been build at 26 may 824. Borobudur it self have a meaning; mountain that have lot of core (budhara), mean while other source mentioned that Borobudur meaning is a temple on a high place.

this Budha temple have 1460 relief and 504 Budha stupa in the complex. hundred of people dreamed to visit this place that include in World Wonder Heritages. not a shock, cause the architecture design beside their function as a place for pray.

Borobudur building have a punden berundak shape with 10 step high. tall of the building at least 42 meter before renovation dan 34,5 meter after the renovation. because the lower stupa used as the back up. six step lower have a square shape and the three step higher have a round shape and the higher level, Budha stupa who heading to the west. every single step delegated the step of human life.

the ground of Borobudur, called Kamadhatu, draw a human that tied with desire. four step above called Rupadhatu, draw a human who free him self from desire but still tied up with body and shape. at that step, Budha statue placed in open room. meanwhile, three step above where budha placed in the stupa who have a holes called Arupadhatu, draw a human being who have free from desire, body, dan shape. and the top is called Arupa draw the heaven, where the Budha rest in peace.

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