Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Floating Market at Muara Kuin in South Borneo - Try Different Way to Shop

Floating market at Muara Kuin is a traditional market exist on Barito river in lower course Kuin River, Banjarmasin, South Borneo. The sellers and the buyers use jukung, nick for boat in Banjar language. This market begun after subuh pray until 07.00 AM in the morning. Sun rises bouncing trough the light between the transaction of vegetables and plantation from the village across the Barito river and the streams.

Condition and Activity Around the market.

With seeing the panorama, tourist feels like in tourism resort. Jukung's filled with the vegetables carriage, fruits carriage and all kinds of fish also family needs it's all there at the floating market. when the sunshine rising fully the market start to quite, the sellers also start to leave the floating market with all benefit and pleasure.

The condition in floating market that so unique and special is jostled between the big boat and the small boat searching for buyers and sellers who always moving and shaking played by the wave of Barito river. The floating market doesn't have an organization, because of that never been calculated the quantity of the buyers and sellers or try to divide the seller with kind of carriage.

The female seller who sell his own carriage or her neighborhood called dukuh, and the second hand who bought from dukuh called panyambangan. the special thing of this market is exchange transaction often seen or in Banjar language called bapanduk, is very unique and rare i think ? why not u try to visit this tourism place!

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