Monday, October 22, 2007

i hope for a dream and may God help me

i think every one had her own dream, so do i. my dream is simple, just want to see her happy! nothing less. this is always bothering my mind, are the social network, social neighborhood, or even, specially for love always leave a pain? if the answer is yes, i will truly hope God erasing our path and give her happiness, cause she still have an opportunity to feel happy. a different case if u see me I'm pathetic nothing hope inside me. so if u bear. forget me and switch off your eternal sunshine. maybe you've been read this post will ask in your heart about what this post is, and i will answer this is only about a man who don't want to see a nice kind of girl that he ever meet disappointed and feel hurt. my feeling is true, and i will be happy if your happy don't wait for me, pursuit your happiness. think realistic.

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