Saturday, November 29, 2008

Terrorism ... insane man in the middle of the crowd

travel spot adMultidimension Travel Blog - so recently i get my stand in front of television and suddenly my mind fill out with many news about terrorism and travel warning. feels like scary.

don't know how, but I must discuss this soda head with my friend before I write it down to this blog. according to my friend is all about media interpretation and media miss-interpretation.

the big thing and have a big contribution to all fear ( like become old, become ugly, not trendy, not stylish, etc) is media, fear is the number one that connected to security, as you know in hierarchy of need of Abraham Maslow, feel secure is one of the need. that is my friend opinion.

why Im choose that tittle, insane man in the middle of the crowd. cause the first people that could force the fight the stream is insane.

back to the discussion with my friend. All the point that confusing about this terorism and suicide with a bom is pull back to the subjectivity and interpretation. is all about pulling and stretching from one destination and another,,, what the heck what I want is just safe and enjoy the trace of God in the nature.

The Important thing that you must concern in your travel no matter that country safe or with travel warning is ... respect the rules of each travel place and hope you have a friend in that country that could guide you to your travel point of your choice.. happy travelling :)

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