Thursday, May 15, 2008

are tourism business still promising

travel spot adthis question is always show up when ever I ask a question to my friend about tourism and that question seems so skeptic. for me all kind of business that offering entertainment, refreshment, and free air is always promising.

people work hard. finishing all the day in front of a desk and point all of concentration in a paper. this brain need a refreshment and I can sure they all now that they need it.

you know that we have a different climate season. so migration still be a favorite activity, when in our place is snowy we take a place that still warm and cozy.

so sunny under a warm sun, wearing a sunblock and joy the day. but are only a beach that promising? all the nature is one of great creation of God. People is always want to see a new place and fulfilling her curiosity. but there is always be a challenge. tourism propose a nature in the first chart position. the challenge is how the citizen, the workers and the tourism business entrepreneur keep the clean and natural condition on that tourism object while exploit them. I think this must be a mutual symbiosis between nature and human kind. to be long lasting beutifull nature is to keep the nature clean and natural.


  1. It seems to me that there will be always a place for tourism because of people's inherent curiosity of the world outside their neighbourhood. Nice blog! :)

  2. The beauty of nature in the tourist spot should be taken cared of by people who reap money from them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a lovely photo.