Monday, May 5, 2008

The Legend of Kedono Kedini in Java Tribe

travel spot adthis not an ordinary legend of kedono-kedini. this story had been tell from great great ancestor to remind people how great the power of love from a big brother. let's start the legend.

this legend begin in a village where the citizen live peacefully. in that village live a family who only have two child one a boy and the other is girl. they named the kid kedono-kedini.

one day when his father go to the farm his mother tell kedono to look after his sister. but the tragedy begins when his sister disappear, and kedono don't know anything. mother looks angry and with full of emotion knock kedono untill he died. the body of kedono suddenly transform into a bird. the bird sound like yelling her sister "dikkuuuuu".... cause a bird can easily watch the ground from the sky kedono found his sister.. and dribbled his sister back to the home.. after his sister back to the home, that the bird transform again into human body (kedono) and he died by proud to finish her responsibility as a brother.

until now this legend repeatedly tell in Java wedding ceremonial. if the bried from a family with only two child (a boy and a girl). beside kedono kedini in the next post i will tell you about ola ola manding and ontang anting the legendary source of power.

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