Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ulo ulo manding the ceremonial imaging in Java tribe

travel spot adulo ulo manding is a ceremonial held in wedding of java tribe as an initiation to the bride for pacing a new word. this ceremonial imaging that parent give a goods to the bride as a holds to explore the new world.

in this ceremonial imaging there also describe that the bride and whole of son circling and hit by a rod to give the spirit to always try in the new world and never give up.

the goods that are being gift by the parent doesn't to use by the kid but as a symbol to remind it. after that the ceremonial continue by the imaging of the parent give a food to the son. this ceremonial held in private and only the member of family can see it, all guest that come wait outside the house to hear the happy news about the new bride that being gift by the parent to continue the journey.

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