Sunday, May 25, 2008

Journey to Hiding Waterfall at Bunder Mountain

travel spot adThis week I had a really amazing adventure. Go to Bunder Mountain with Some buddy and after on days we decide to visiting the waterfall.

It's not so strange in the mountain commonly have a waterfall. but this time the name is so funny the hiding waterfall. seems this waterfall always play hide and seek. local villager call it Curug ngumpet. people say this name given cause this waterfall is hiding for a long time, behind the rock and forest.

many local villager use their holidays to take a bath in this waterfall. from young to oldest. under the main drop stream quite depth my friend is sinking but fortunately he can swim.

if you go to this place you also can rent a villa there so many villa across the road but if you want to hire one try to compare the price. the old trick is for more cheap one is to know the sundanesse language.

I know it will be little rush but you can feel more than a travel, you can feel the adventure. oh yea one more, don't forget to bring your jacket and your swim suit. and try to see our recommended travel tool, hope it also use for you.


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