Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ontang-anting, The Myth that always been talked

travel spot adBatara Kala born from Kama that fall in the ocean when Batara Guru have the travel with Batari Uma. Batara Kala born in a shape of a fire that sparking big and bigger. This thing have made a disaster in Suralaya, and all the god had been commanded by Batara Guru to turn off that fire, but all the work of god is useless, and it more bigger then ever and up to Suralaya to ask his father.

because Hyang Guru worried if Kayangan will destroy, Batara Guru admit that Kala is his son. so it named with Batara Kala dan Batara Kala ask for food, and so do Batara Guru bring him food but the food is selected :

1. The person that only have on child and it call Ontang-anting
2. Five Pandawa (five boy or five daughter)
3. Kedono kedini, boy and girl and the girl will be the food.

to avoid being the food Batara Kala it must held a ceremony (ruwatan). So in the story of dalang it call lakon Murwakala or Lakon ruwatan. In the story (lakon) of Batara Kala is always eat the pandawa cause pandawa like ontang anting. But, because pandawa is always guard by titisan Wisnu (Batara Kresna) so Batara Kala is never success to eat Pandawa.

this is a legend that still held in the wedding ceremonial on Java Tribe. Ontang-anting ceremonial is different from kedono kedini ceremonial. Ussualy for the ontang-anting the parent will struggle with the reog (monster)... and it will be the next post of reog.

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